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In later years we’re going to learn about some of the covert operations which US intelligence agencies and their proxies were using to smash the rise of socialism in America today and a lot of people are going to feel silly for all their remarks blaming the state of the left on leftists. I see so much talk about the left’s fragmentation and political ineffectiveness like it’s the result of some kind of character flaw in leftists themselves, when it is clearly the result of generations of high-intensity mass-scale psyops which with 100 percent certainty continue to this day.

The left is not failing, it is being actively sabotaged. It is being sabotaged with psychological operations in our own society by the same power structure which sabotages the left in foreign nations around the world. COINTELPRO-like tactics most certainly continue today, especially online.

It seems like leftists are way too hard on each other about the difficulties they have in getting the revolution off the ground, and they shouldn’t, because it’s really not their fault. The whole movement’s been hammered with mass-scale psyops for generations, and continues to be.

It does no good to get paranoid about this and try to figure out who is and isn’t an infiltrator; the temptation to do that is itself part of the psyop, because it causes division and enmity. Playing “spot the infiltrator” is typically a very unwise and arbitrary game; I’ve had plenty of people accuse me of being part of an op, and over the years I’ve been warned that literally every prominent leftist voice is controlled opposition at some point. I personally ignore the question altogether and just elevate people when they’re saying something useful and don’t elevate people when they’re not. Getting paranoid only serves power.

My own approach to our dilemma is to just do my own thing, damaging the machine where I can and amplifying worthy movements when I see them, while being tolerant of a wide diversity of opinion among socialist anti-imperialists. But that doesn’t work for everyone, and that’s fine too.

Intelligence sources tell me there’s a strong probability of interference in the next election by billionaires who control all the media.

Learning about the real villains in our world is like an endless series of Scooby Doo episodes where the gang is being chased by communists, Muslims, Russians, domestic terrorists etc, then they get the mask off and it always turns out it’s just oligarchic imperialism every time.


Try to foment right wing violence in America and Democrats will demand your imprisonment. Try to foment right wing violence in Russia and Democrats will demand your freedom.

Democrats believe Russia controls everything, Republicans believe China controls everything, both believe the most powerful government on earth is just a passive victim of circumstance.

China poses a major threat to the globe-dominating agendas of a few sociopaths in DC, Arlington and Langley and poses no threat whatsoever to you. Hope that helps.

If South Africa existed in an oil-rich region of extreme geostrategic importance in close proximity to major US-targeted nations, and its guaranteed alignment with the US depended on maintaining apartheid, South Africa would still be an apartheid state. And it would still have nukes.

The Capitol riot narrative has been chock full of plot holes, blatant falsehoods and virulent spin since day one, and now it’s being used to roll out “domestic terror” policies designed to target anyone who opposes the US status quo. The American left should be very concerned about this.

Keir Starmer is like if nothing and apathy had a baby and sent it to a boarding school for corporate logos.

The UFO story has less public interest than you’d expect because there’s no partisan angle to it, so a lot of people don’t know how to relate to it. Viral stories are generally the ones which validate people’s egos in some way, and this one doesn’t do that for most people. The only people whose egos it validates are those who’ve invested a lot of identity in UFOs being real.

It’s the same reason nobody cares about Yemen. Yemen is easily the most horrific thing happening in our world, and our governments have actively been participating in that horror, but because it doesn’t fit into the partisan lens we’ve been trained to see the world through, no one cares.

In a society that’s as enslaved to the ego as ours is, a story’s only going to get a ton of white hot interest if it flatters or inflames the ego in some way. If it confirms our biases or proves us right about the party we hate, it sells like crack. Otherwise it just fizzles.

Cuba has managed to create a thriving socialist nation in the western hemisphere and all it took was a government which can withstand a military invasion, mountains of economic warfare, and hundreds of assassination attempts.

Q: What’s the greatest threat to humanity?

The poor: Rich people.

Workers: Rich people.

Minorities: Rich people.

The chronically ill: Rich people.

Prisoners: Rich people.

Rich people: Brown people having too many babies.

The “Great Reset” is capitalism. Period. It’s capitalism doing the only thing it can ever and will ever do: become more and more corrupt, create more and more inequality, funnel more and more wealth to the ruling class, and get more and more oppressive and exploitative. If you don’t see this, you don’t see any of it.

“It’s not capitalism that’s the problem, it’s corporatism!”

It’s not my pyromania that’s the problem, it’s all these darn house fires!

“Nobody understands economics but me, a man who believes infinite growth on a finite world is possible as long as we trust greedy union-busting tech oligarchs to rescue us from the consequences of ecocidal capitalism.”

Capitalists are so defensive of Elon Musk because they know their entire worldview is invalidated if you can’t solve the riddle of infinite growth on a finite world by shipping humans into space and making saving the environment profitable. Spoiler alert: you can’t.

Transhumanism assumes we’ve already done the human thing and we’ve taken it as far as it can go so now it’s time to become cyborgs, when hardly anyone is able to sit in their own skin and simply be, much less explore the deeper levels of their being. Maybe try actually exploring this human situation before trying to “transcend” it.

Transhumanists are all “Right, did the human thing, now it’s time for the next thing.” It’s like dude, no you didn’t. Humanity has barely even been born. You haven’t taken the time to explore what’s in this room and already you’re storming on to the next one. Try being here for a minute before you try to leave.

I mean just the fact that spiritual enlightenment is a known, well-documented phenomenon should give us pause here. What’s going on with that? What lies down that rabbit hole? You’re just going to walk right past it and start knitting your neurons to machinery and stuff?

Everyone’s trying to escape. Escape this experience. Escape this planet. Escape this species. And maybe that’s exactly the problem. Maybe peace and harmony is simply learning to be here now. Maybe this adventure isn’t meant to lead us away from our home, but into it.

Really we’re all just going to have to wake up. To become more conscious of our own inner processes as well as the outer dynamics which cause suffering. It’s not a popular message and nobody wants to hear it, but the most honest answer to our dilemma is that we’re at evolve-or-die time as a species and we’ll either make it or we won’t.


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64 responses to “The Left Isn’t Failing, It’s Being Sabotaged: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. If South Africa existed in an oil-rich region of extreme geostrategic importance in close proximity to major US-targeted nations, and its guaranteed alignment with the US depended on maintaining apartheid, South Africa would still be an apartheid state. And it would still have nukes.

    I think the story is a little different…

    The politicians in the National Party negotiated a sunset clause with Joe Slovo so they wouldn’t be held accountable for their ‘crimes’. South Africa was and is still extremely rich in minerals. The top guys at Anglo American (AA helped with regime change) now drive Bentleys in London and still control a lot of commerce indirectly. At one time it was estimated that AA controlled about 65% of the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange). What happened in SA will come to the USA. It’s a good example of what happens next (I say the USA will be SA.2.0). I was one of 1 million plus people who left. Americans aren’t so lucky (nowhere to go).

    The people who took over are communists. Mandela and is co-conspirators were imprisoned for treason and would have been executed if it was not that a many of them were Jewish, At the time Israel (another apartheid state) was a close friend of South Africa and it is speculated that they didn’t want to upset them.

    Touching on South Africa’s nuclear capability – they had six bombs with no one to use them on. Israel most probably played a role in helping develop them. Uranium is one of the minerals that is won when mining gold on the Witwatersrand… ..

    Mandela got 27 years
    Floyd’s family got $27 million

    1. If the people who took over were “communists’ – then Anglo American wouldn’t have .

      And you’re ignoring who those bombs were intended to be used upon – the black majority in that country – if there were an uprising.

      1. Should read – wouldn’t have “shit”. No Emojis allowed apparently…

  2. Benjamin Hopkins Avatar
    Benjamin Hopkins

    Please be more selective about what you publish. Sleep on it first and then, next morning, use your red pencil freely. IF IN DOUBT, LEAVE IT OUT.

    Otherwise, you’re just another source of half truths, conspiracy theories, etc.—another knee-jerk leftist tossing out a mixture of obvious observations and marxist vocabulary, purple prose that serves you more than your readers.

    Blame-blather is a poor substitute for the real world POLITICAL-ECOLOMIC ANALYSIS that we need.

    You can do better.

    1. All of your “POLITICAL-ECOLOMIC ANALYSIS” is USELESS – when Intelligence Agencies are busy RIGGING the game – on everything from Presidential Assassinations and stolen Elections and Coups – on down through things like the fake/staged Chemical Weapons attack at Douma, et al. You’re offering bad, and unsolicited, advice. If you’d care to add increased depth and wisdom to your thinking on the reality of Covert Operations (“Conspiracy”) please accept this talk, which covers the ground where you appear to need some remedial education.

  3. Cuba is thriving? Why don’t you move there? Stupid. Really stupid.

    1. Actually – Cuba IS THRIVING – with higher rates of literacy and lower rates of infant mortality – than you’ll find in nearby (US ally) nations. And the problems with their economy are directly related to ILLEGAL unilateral US sanctions, embargoes, and other acts of “Hybrid” warfare – Warcrimes under International law. And despite all of this, Cuba is better off than Haiti and the Dominican “Republic”, or Guatemala, or Honduras or El Salvador. And nobody should have live somewhere else – in order to criticize a Rogue Nation, like the US. In Caitlin’s case, she lives in Australia – which does nothing to change the facts about Cuba.

  4. Sometimes you don’t have to do much actual work – in order to spot the infiltrators who are running the PSYOPS on the left… In fact, sometimes you just have to pay attention to their PR and their esoteric/exoteric communications with headquarters… And you’ll find out that they’ll often just spontaneously identify themselves …

    1. Moles and infiltrators took a while to figure out, they’d stand out; showing up on time, with free dope, at the right place in a functioning CAR, with TREAD on the tires and inspection stickers? All the spook agencies, R45 Squad or police really had to do was pop some corn, fetch some beer and show up for the 4th or 5th super top sekrit meeting, to watch all our fractious, cantankerous splinter groups realize, nobody knew how to throw a punch?

  5. So much powerful truth – in so few lines of text. Amazing work as always Caitlin.

    As for Kier Starmer – I thought he was what happens when MI-6 and GCHQ have a baby – and send it to Public School, at the “Institute for Statecraft”…

  6. “I mean just the fact that spiritual enlightenment is a known, well-documented phenomenon should give us pause here.” Where is this documented? By whom is it known? What is it, in the first place? This statement of assertion is based on belief, and belief has little if any relationship to what is real.

  7. Stephen Morrell Avatar
    Stephen Morrell

    Don’t worry, under normal conditions the left has been and remains quite capable of failing all by itself without any help from the cops or their agents provocateurs. Mass reformist ‘left’ parties all round the world governing and administering capitalism and grinding down workers and the oppressed dutifully for their capitalist masters attest to it; trade union misleaders selling out and stabbing workers struggles in the back dutifully for their capitalist masters attest to it; and ‘left’ opportunists kowtowing to ‘liberal’ bourgeois political parties like the Democrats or the Greens dutifully serving their capitalist masters attest to it. Cop infiltration and agents provocateurs play an exceedingly minor role in this sorry pageant of normalcy.

  8. Yes – the left has been socially engineered by the globalist banksters’ ‘intelligence agencies’ into useful idiots; via clever bait-and-switch they now are recruits to an Animal Farm universe where it will be considered bad form to notice that ‘some are more equal than others’.
    No – capitalism is not the bete noir you need. People in small groups have always traded with eachother without needing a nanny state to oversee where every penny goes and what every person possesses, but ancient accreted structures (fortunes) that have banks and banksters as their axes have – provably – bought the control of literally everything using their money. Fixing this (i.e. with ‘socialism’) recalls the Nietzschean proverb:

    1. /// text cut off ///
      “Be careful hunting monsters, lest you become one yourself, for when you stare into the Abyss, the Abyss also stares into you.” a cure worse than di$ease. We cannot solve this via the catchall ‘isms’ – and will have to find a way forward/around as Buckminster Fuller would suggest – something new that will obviate the old.

  9. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    500 years ago, Sir Thomas More wrote this in his famous book “Utopia”:
    “This is why, when I envision and observe the most flourishing republics today, I see, God forgive me! Only a certain conspiracy of the rich doing their business as best as possible under the name and the sumptuous title of republic The conspirators seek by all tricks and by all possible means to achieve this double goal:

    First, to ensure the certain and indefinite possession of a fortune more or less ill-gotten; secondly, to abuse the misery of the poor, to abuse their persons, and to buy their industry and their labors at the lowest possible price.

    And these machinations decreed by the rich in the name of the state, and therefore in the very name of the poor, have become law. ”
    In 2021, the same machinations and shenanigans are carried out by the rich: war, terrorism, pandemic etc … for the same reasons as 500 years ago in the time of Thomas More. The only difference is that today’s wealthy elites are more decadent, which makes me say the end of the world is near. We must take out our Rosaries and pray hard!

  10. Blair Schirmer Avatar
    Blair Schirmer

    “It does no good to get paranoid about this and try to figure out who is and isn’t an infiltrator; the temptation to do that is itself part of the psyop, because it causes division and enmity. Playing “spot the infiltrator” is typically a very unwise and arbitrary game;…”
    —Framed this way, it’s counterproductive, but identifying outlets that have been bought out and are pitching right-wing policies and parties under a veneer of diversity and representation is very useful work. Tracking the decline of the likes of TYT and Democracy Now has been extremely valuable towards alerting the vast majority who have little time or capacity for such work. Detailing how “the Squad” has done nothing to challenge the Democratic party establishment is similarly important.

    If it’s a question of parsing every position towards casting out the impure, then sure, that’s bad news. But locating and identifying destructive actors? That matters.

  11. “If South Africa existed in an oil-rich region of extreme geostrategic importance in close proximity to major US-targeted nations, and its guaranteed alignment with the US depended on maintaining apartheid, South Africa would still be an apartheid state. And it would still have nukes.”

    Careful Caitlin, you’re walking up to that red line again!

    I jest of course, you be you girl, love it!!!

  12. If only a significant mass of people would have that crucial satori. Imagine whole swathes of the population suddenly refusing to go to work, to play the corporate and governmental game. Imagine if tomorrow We all lost our interest in all these flashy lights and shiny things and wanted nothing more than to watch the clouds and tend the beetroot. How much quieter, slower and deeper life would become.

  13. A few quick thoughts:
    1. Sending humans into space is NOT an answer to ecocidal capitalism. It’s merely an act of kicking the ball down the lane, a forestalling of the inevitable.
    2. Like you, I’ve been doing my own thing and damaging the machine where and as I can. However, my own thing is not always equivalent to your own thing.
    3. The UFO story is of no particular interest to me because, in part, I’ve heard it all before. Then, of course there’s the fact that most of what we hear about it is either nonsense or propaganda. The time that I will again pay attention to it is when creatures of elsewhere in the universe are introduced to us. Until then, we have to work to fix and improve what’s already known to be here.

    1. ‘Do aliens exist? We asked five experts’
      The general consensus of this recent article is that life probably exists elsewhere, but the chances of aliens visiting us are vanishingly small, due mainly to the vast distances (and hence times) involved.

      1. NoNameSoSueMe Avatar

        Or maybe they’re just not nuts enough to hang around here.

  14. Frank Thompson Avatar
    Frank Thompson

    “Keir Starmer is like if nothing and apathy had a baby and sent it to a boarding school for corporate logos.”

    Had to duckduckgo Keir Starmer. Thanks for nothing (and apathy).

  15. Brilliant as ever. As a Brit I particularly appreciate the gag about Kier Starmer 🙂

  16. “It’s the same reason nobody cares about Yemen. Yemen is easily the most horrific thing happening in our world, and our governments have actively been participating in that horror, but because it doesn’t fit into the partisan lens we’ve been trained to see the world through, no one cares.”
    I don’t know. If I had to guess, I would say the global, Covid scam lockdowns have done far more economic damage and killed far more people; mostly due to starvation. Probably in India alone.
    Talk about the cure being worse than the disease.

    “Democrats believe Russia controls everything, Republicans believe China controls everything, both believe the most powerful government on earth is just a passive victim of circumstance.”
    Personally, I am unconvinced that the whole Russia, China, U.S. empire divide is what it seems. Surely there is a possibility that this dynamic is used, with a wink and nod, as a tool by global oligarchs everywhere, to divide, manipulate and control people everywhere. In much the same way as the left and right divide (among others) is used as a tool to divide, manipulate and control people here.

  17. If Enlightenment is our answer we’d better get better at achieving it. Millions of monks have been trying to get there for thousands of years and success has been very rare.

  18. Barry McIntyre Avatar
    Barry McIntyre

    There is no capitalism, never was. It’s feudalism in disguise. The capitalism versus socialism struggle is the distraction that enables it to work. Left and right, Democrat and Republican, Conservative and Labor, us versus them; it’s all the misdirection while they slip on the chains.

    Capitalism and socialism can co-exist and make a great synergy, but not when the elites pervert both to a neo-feudal order. Take a step back and a good hard look and you’ll see both sides are being duped. You get tricked because of the distractions.

    1. Feudal power basically comes from owning land and controlling the people who live on it. Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma get their power from the capital they control, needing almost no land at all.
      Under feudalism, most people produce what they need themselves, and their feudal lords grab a percentage. Under capitalism, most people produce what their employer wants produced.
      Rather different systems if you ask me.

  19. Obviously Anonymous has been run by the FBI for a long time. A group whose very existence requires hiding its members’ identities? If the FBI didn’t get in on that from the beginning, then COINTELPRO is truly dead. Whenever you see someone in a Guy Fawkes mask, especially nowadays, you can safely assume they’re working for the government.

    1. If anonymity is the mark of a government agent, what should we make of ‘NOT A PLANT’?

    2. NoNameSoSueMe Avatar

      How about an old Nixon mask?

  20. “Rich people: Brown people having too many babies.”

    You think the rich give a crap about skin color? How adorable! You fell right into the racist psyop… just another way to divide us.

  21. Q: Why does the UN call for the end of arms sales to Myanmar and not to Israel?

    A: Because Myanmar does not have the same pull, in the same place, that Israel does!

    And besides, Myanmar’s Military Junta is killing its own people, which is regarded by this dis(‘august’) tingly subservient international body, as an internal matter and therefore, not requiring sanction.

    According to the BBC, Russia and China are the Myanmar Military’s two biggest arms suppliers.
    No need therefore, even to guess who is Israel’s main arms supplier!

    Whereas Israel’s genocidal killing of Arab Palestinians is regarded as of hostile ‘outsiders’ and, therefore, blindly seen, by ignorant onlookers, as heroic self-defensive bravery.

    This would be a horrendously hypocritical, hilarious hallucination, if it were not so chillingly terrifying for those who are actually dying en masse in both cases!

  22. ( “It does no good to get paranoid about this and try to figure out who is and isn’t an infiltrator; the temptation to do that is itself part of the psyop, because it causes division and enmity. ” )

    Correctimundo. The point of psy-op trolls is not to advance a particular point of view, or to argue against you. Their intent is to disrupt your activity and prevent your interaction with others. To prevent you from changing and developing ideas. To frustrate you and stop your growth and expression. Nothing more than that.

    Wondering who they are is a dissipation of your energy. But sometimes I have a pretty good idea who they are and in general such trolls are not prepared for pushback. Being anonymous makes them that way. It is up to you to decide if you want to have some fun turning the tables and messing with them.

    But don’t forget they exist to jack you up and waste your time. Nothing more than that.

    And if you worry about them putting your name on a list, relax. You are already listed.

    1. In the late 1960’s my mother was a member of SDS, Students for a Democratic Society. She said of their meetings, “It was easy to spot the FBI informant, because he was the guy that always wanted to blow something up.”

      1. They were also the ones who brushed their teeth, wore fresh tighty-whiteys, Norwegian welt shoes and drank distilled alcohol. And absolutely HATED Sly, James Brown, Captain Beefheart and Aretha Franklin? Too bad, our sense of smell was worse than our specious obliviousness, huh? PS: they never rode the bus.

    2. Frank Thompson Avatar
      Frank Thompson

      If it would turn out that my name was NOT on one of their lists, I would be terribly disappointed.

  23. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Caitlin, the ruling elites have been sabotging socialism since before the Russian Revolution. All ruling elites believe that they are entitled to their riches and that sharing the wealth is somehow against what they believe to be “nature”. Those whom you describe as “the left” are not truly leftists if they are not socialists working for the overthrow of capitalism. They are mostly bourgeoises with just enough conscience to know that the structure of capitalist society is wrong, but not inclined to struggle against it unless it actually inconveniences them personally. The rest of them hedge their bets because they secretly hope to become one of the ruling class themselves.

    The history of the United States, like that of all countries at different points in history, is one of bloody conquest, either against other countries, or against the natives from whom they stole the land, or against the workers who make their comfortable lives possible. “The people” are merely the tools to accomplish power over others, whether they be underpaid or unpaid workers, cannon fodder for the endless wars of Empire, or programmed through propaganda to occasionally vote for one of the ruling parties–parties that offer the workers nothing, in order for the rich to pretend that we live in a democracy.

  24. Robert L Phillips Avatar
    Robert L Phillips

    The comment about UFOs is interesting. For decades, anyone who mentioned anything about the subject – even including references to actual documents and documented statements by people such as Gen. Nathan Twining (the Twining Memo) or first CIA director Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter – the response was ridicule. People like Phil Klaas used ridicule and misdirects to ‘debunk’ anything whatsoever having to do with the subject – he got paid to do so. This also applies to people like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who made fun of the subject repeatedly, as he also made fun (and still does) of people of faith.

    Now that the military and intelligence agencies are acknowledging the reality of “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (no doubt with an agenda of deceit involved), these cats and just about anyone else who formerly denied these matters go silent. Post something about the latest revelations – silence. Bring up the extensive history of the subject, the Freedom of Information Act, actual documented incursions at places like Malstrom Air Force Base – silence.

    This is the world we now inhabit. It’s the Matrix plus Big Brother plus Beavis and Butthead on steroids.

    1. Frank Thompson Avatar
      Frank Thompson

      “This also applies to people like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who made fun of the subject repeatedly, as he also made fun (and still does) of people of faith.”

      To many of my friends, Mr. Tyson’s biggest transgression is his disrespect for the 9th planet of our solar system: Pluto.

  25. As I frequently write, the real sociopolitical battle is not between left and right but between populists, of the left and of the right, and the Deep State and its minions, the corporate press and, in the United States, the Democratic Party and traditionalist Republicans like the Bush family et. al. Their goal is to keep us as polarized as possible, dividing us by gender, race, nationality, religion and anything they can imagine, and thereby enabling themselves to keep on looting our planet. Their most useful allies? The decent but naïve among us who believe the Deep State shares our concerns, our values and our goals.

    1. Robert L Phillips Avatar
      Robert L Phillips

      Absolutely. If the populist left and populist right were to meet, they’d find broad agreement rather than division. (See what happened during Occupy Wall Street, when 80 percent of all Americans expressed fundamental agreement with its aims).

      This is very dangerous to the Deep State and all its liars and thieves.

  26. Robert L Phillips Avatar
    Robert L Phillips

    Nailed it again, repeatedly.

    I find that when I post any kind of thoughtful articles about US hypocrisy, its wars, images of starving babies in Yemen, challenges to the ‘politically correct’ but oh so superficial “woke” politics of race or what have you, they are completely and totally ignored. I mean, crickets.

    Americans by and large have absolutely lost the ability to think for themselves. If they aren’t repeating memes or virtue signaling how “enlightened” they are – without a shred of substance but lots of posturing – they have nothing intelligent to say. Of course, there are those who do have some kind of historical awareness and *can* see the forest and the trees, but they are in a distinct, tiny minority.

    It gets old. It gets really, really old. And after awhile, I just want to slam the laptop shut and revert to the “good old days” when human ignorance and apathy wasn’t on such blatant display. For the most part, ‘civil debate and discussion’ is a total waste of time anymore.

    But I appreciate your writing, Caitlin Johnstone. Thanks.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Bourgeois Americans, what we Marxists call the “pseudo left” are the largest group of virtue signallers in the world. See my comment on the subject. I get in trouble with these people all the time because I reject identity politics and other doctrines of division used by the ruling classes to keep the working class divided and at war with itself instead of fighting their true enemy. There are plenty of people in the United States who undertstand exactly what is going on, but too many of these people believe they are alone in their perceptions and that they have no chance to participate in real change. Our job is to reach out and engage these people and let them know they are NOT alone. Our job must be to unite the working class and defend it from the predations of the wealthy, the banks, the warmongers and the fascists.

  27. “Democrats believe Russia controls everything, Republicans believe China controls everything, both believe the most powerful government on earth is just a passive victim of circumstance”.
    When you’ve managed to make it unquestionable worldwide (or else) for twenty years that the most surveiled and best-protected airspace in the world was violated by a man on dialysis in a cave in Afghanistan who sent two planes – flown in extreme conditions by guys who couldn’t fly and used boxcutters that didn’t trigger boarding metal detectors to hijack them – to (literally) pulverize not one, not two but three buildings in New York’s World Trade Center with only two tankfuls of regular $0.79/l. kerosene that turned all their furnitures, including the planes that allegedly hit two of them, into fine dust and all this without any help from David Copperfield or Wonder Woman, the sky is the limit :o)

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Exactly. This kind of brainwashing must be exposed for what it is. But it is my opinion that people who are prepared to believe in a deity are prepared to believe ANYTHING.

      1. You mean God didn’t make the world in six days so he could watch the World Series on the seventh?

  28. bill southcott Avatar
    bill southcott

    The Transhumanists are actually the 0.001% who hope that funding Musk will help facilitate their move to low-orbit “Gated-Communities” by the end of this Decade…. The Transhumanists are heavily funding all R & D on the process of uploading their brains and consciousness into “forever” Androids…. For some of the older wealthy elite, it may already be too late, but who knows how far along the “research” has progressed… The majority of the “Useless-Eaters” on Planet Earth, just like capitalism, are unknowingly entering the “End-games” of survival as we “cannibalize” each other and the systems of modern society come to an ugly conclusion…. Sometime in the 2030s, The Earth will resemble one entire Gaza Strip as a dwindling population of Prisoner/Slaves fights each other over the means to basic survival…. Who knows, maybe sometime in the 2230s, the Planet Earth might be “Inhabitable” once again for a “Tribe” of Androids…. Ask Matt Damon, he probably knows….

  29. South Africa’s alignment with US interests, not only in the immediate region, but globally, is just as strong, if not stronger than it was in the daze of white enforced Apartheid, and possession of nuclear weapons capability.

    Americas geostrategic interests in South Africa was never oil, although S.A. was one of the first countries to develop the technological capacity, with the scientific assistance of Germany, for converting coal to oil. Follow the minerals!

    White South Africa is the only country on the face of the planet that ‘willingly’ gave up its nuclear weapons rather than have them fall into the hands of the black majority.
    Now that would really have constituted a direct threat to white racist American hegemonic supremacy.

    Did anyone happen to notice the presence of one of Africa’s richest persons, South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, attending the G-7 economic summit?

    Is anyone wondering why he is in attendance?
    Just curious!

  30. I disagree with exactly 0 of this. We must both be feds.

  31. The Left has fallen into the same trap as the right. That the left vs right is the issue de jour. It isn’t. The Sociopaths In Charge are FAR more dangerous to either than their psyop manufactured opponent is. There are hideous monsters at the extremes of both right and left, as hideous monsters do exist, and are bound to pop up somewhere. Among the general population of either left or right, not so much. There are differences of opinion on what the state should or should not do. An argument over what the goons with guns are going to threaten to kill people over. Never mind that the goons with guns threatening to kill people are the problem. Which is all government has ever been.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Who exactly are the “hideous monsters” on the “left”?

      1. Those who wish to USE the goons with guns to force everyone to do as they desire, or die, for example.

        1. The same applies to the right.

  32. “Learning about the real villains in our world is like an endless series of“ uncontrolled leaks, which bypass one of the most ominous comments ever put forward for the lowly masses:
    Katherine Graham: “We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn’t [until we determine what outcome is desired].” The latter view of a member of the upper-1% “clearly [represents] the [mentality] of generations of high-intensity mass-scale psyops” and their Star Chambers.
    “I mean just the fact that spiritual enlightenment is a known, well-documented phenomenon should give us pause here.” Ask: Is spirit real? Yes. Then, since spirit is real, what else is real? Higher power? God? Holy? Heaven? Reincarnation? Once the first answer is accepted, one can go forward without fear, while leaving all that follows rigid unbelief behind.

  33. moussa semghouni Avatar
    moussa semghouni

    Si je ne me trempe pas Karl Marx; avait spécifié , l’être humain a besoin de manger, boire, et de s’habiller, d’habiter ainsi que de s’éduquer.
    Or que pour tout cela; il est impératif pour l’humain de produire à manger par l’agriculture et la pêche et l’élevage.
    Transformer des lainages pour se couvrir; & élaborer des matières pour construire, afin de réaliser tous ces processus il va falloir maîtriser toutes les sciences par une excellente cognition.
    ” Récite au nom de ton Seigneur qui a créé la création de l’homme à partir d’un caillot, lis, et ton Seigneur est le Plus Généreux, enseigné par la plume, a enseigné à l’homme ce qu’il ne savait pas” LE CORAN

  34. > “elevate people when they’re saying something useful and don’t elevate people when they’re not”

    good plan. It’s the message and reason, not the personality or the arena. Too often, bait-and-switch is used to tempt one in with reason and then trap one into abandonning the critical eye in faver of loyalty to a personality. Who is later, knowingly or not, subverted.

  35. Unfettered capitalism is a Monopoly game where logically it must end with someone owning everything. It’s that simple. The goal is to bankrupt the other players. Even kids know this. What’s not to understand?
    Ps…love you Caitlin.

    1. Substitute psychopathic elitist monsters constituting the 0.1% for “capitalism” and you’re dead on. There is no such thing as an incorruptible economic system.

  36. The ” owners and the masters ” have plans for us peons; and none of those plans will be of any benefit to us peons.
    The development and introduction of neural implants, magneto proteins, etc., can go in any number of directions. Some types of these promise to give elites “super-human” cognitive abilities. However, another very practical application is to mandate that these are used on the general populace as to handicap them or control their thoughts in some way.
    In that sense, neural implants can work like pharmaceuticals are used in psychiatry. In the creation of this sort of Huxleyesque “Brave New World”, we can easily see the continuation of a paradigm already existing today. This is one where it is common-place to find various predictable depressions, anxieties, and neuroticisms caused by contemporary social conditions, but treated psychiatrically instead of resolved socio-economically.
    This relevant article can be read here:
    Have the Great Reset Technocrats Really Thought This Through? Evil: Between Depopulation & Neuralink by Joaquin Flores!

    1. Psych8atry, the only medical discipline wherein diseases have no discernable proof of existence.

  37. All so true and society too, is constantly psychologically conditioned by Capital’s social management machine of schools and media to avoid acknowledging simple truths. The money system itself has psychological impacts that keep people separated and unorganized as well as being the mechanism of power that is able to control our labor and material resources directing them in favor of the elites. I’m hoping awareness continues grow of how money issued as debt (credit) is devastating this world because it gives power to those who care so little.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I’ve read Marx, thank you. I recommend him to everyone.

      1. I find it absolutely risible that the so-called “Right” (the Republicans) characterizes the purported “Left” (the Democrats) as “Marxists.” In turn, the “Left” calls the “Right” a bunch of fascists. Actually, when you get down to basic operating procedure, both the American Dems and GOPers are blatant fascists.

        Neither party really supports an ideology that they truly understand or are even consistent in applying. Certainly not Marxism. Rather than loyalty to an intellectual cause or a political philosophy, most American party members and loyal voters are simple tribalists. They support one faction or another led and funded overtly or surreptitiously by a small cadre of oligarchs, e.g., the GOPers blindly follow the likes of Charles Koch, Ruppert Murdoch, et al., and the Dems are entranced by the likes of George Soros, Jeff Bezos et al.

        The voters may not even know who these people are, being hidden amongst layers of other functionaries who, unlike the cloistered string-pullers, actually interface with the public. Yet the voters will parrot whatever received “truths” are revealed to them by their “charismatic,” even hypnotic media gurus (like Barack Obama or D.J. Trump) as a basis for their vote and maybe their support at a rally, a demonstration or even a riot and fun night of looting.

        Knowing mostly Democrats who fancy themselves “progressives” in my profession (professoring at your typical Big State University) I am constantly being told that, when all the other straws have been futilely grasped, the reason to vote for Wacko Joe Biden and other Dems is that “they are the lessor of evils!” Not a one of them has ever been able to rigorously demonstrate the reality of that claim nor to dissuade me of my personal bugaboo that voting for a (at best very marginal) lessor of evils is still embracing evil! Moreover, I think the Dems masquerading as a greater or a lessor of anything is just one more ruse they layer on their comprehensive package of deceit. Actually, the GOPers may actually deserve a little more credibility for being less veiled regarding their true wicked motives: to uphold the privileges of their elite patrons at any and all costs. The Dems would have you believe that everything’s done for the benefit of the poor downtrodden minorities, not the guys (and gals) who sign their checks. But that is clearly BS as the hypocrisy of these people is constantly being exposed, though nothing consequential is ever done about it, as these people are untouchables within the system. The mafia would call them “made men.” (Yes, even Hillary is a “made man.”)

        Apparently, even lavishly sponsored and named professoriates lose their ability to accurately monitor objective phenomena in the real world or to apply logical analysis to it when it comes to politics. Somehow, almost all of them miss the fact that, regardless of decades of impassioned polemics from both sides, the only observable movement in American federal policies is an inexorable tyrannical rightward drift in foreign policy, ever embracing more war and less freedom and democracy, actually counter to the standard lip service. Funny thing is, such rightward drift is actually more apparent under Democratic (supposedly “Leftist”) administrations. Concomitant with the escalating open thuggery practiced by this country on a global level there is an ever more regimented lock step domestic scene which sees all of us being surveilled ever more personally and thoroughly, with greater consequence, while we are “progressively” brainwashed into believing that “it’s really all our fault,” that we deserve the jackbooted militaristic repression in all arenas of our lives as we rightfully “pay for the sins of our fathers.” Unless you have the inherited fortune to buy your way out of the “great reset,” “new world order” or whatever TPTB are gonna ultimately label this long con being imposed on us prols.

  38. Another excellent article. Thanks again. It’s difficult to get people to see when they refuse to open their eyes.

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