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You Ordered Healthcare, You Got Airstrikes: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Listen to a reading of this article:

Americans: healthcare please

Biden: Sorry, did you say airstrikes on Iraq and Syria?

Americans: no, healthcare

Biden: Alright, you drive a hard bargain, but here are your airstrikes on Iraq and Syria.

It is journalistic malpractice to parrot US government claims about acts of military mass murder on the other side of the planet being “defensive”. The only strikes near the Iraq-Syria border that could accurately be called “defensive” are those launched by the inhabitants of those nations upon the invading western military occupation. The only actual defensive action that the US could legitimately take to protect troops in the Middle East would be to remove US troops from the Middle East.

Those who said “we can push Biden to the left” get criticized every time this administration takes another rightward turn, but they don’t get criticized enough for the fact that they never even try to push Biden to the left. At no point have they ever even tried.

Nobody in America had any idea the Parliamentarian existed until the Democrats needed an excuse not to advance progressive causes.

The Biden administration is killing people around the world and ramping up cold war escalations while eroding civil rights with new “domestic terror” policies, so naturally Republicans are focused on worrying about dying in imaginary concentration camps during an imaginary White People Holocaust.

Yeah okay let’s give control of the world to the nation built from slavery and genocide and founded by witch-burning Puritan lunatics, what could go wrong.

It’s a safe bet that if the world found out all the profoundly evil things the US government and its allies did in Syria it would damage US imperialist consensus-building far worse than the Iraq invasion. That’s why so much narrative management gets poured into ensuring this never happens.

The whole Intercept/TYT foreign policy schtick is going “It’s possible to promote all CIA/CNN narratives about every US-targeted government AND give meaningless lip service to opposing war against those governments. You can do BOTH.”

Mehdi Hasan built a whole career on this.

Many “right-wing conspiracy theories” began as left-wing conspiracy facts.

I started saying “US intelligence cartel” a while back because the cutesy label “US intelligence community” was like saying “the ISIS Capades”.

Isn’t it weird how we’ve learned that the US prosecution against Julian Assange relied heavily on false testimony from a diagnosed sociopath and convicted child molester, yet Assange is still in prison?

We haven’t seen anything like the complete mass media blackout on Stundin‘s revelation that the Assange prosecution relied on false testimony since the complete mass media blackout on the OPCW leaks.

In the information age the powerful place emphasis not just on managing what information gets out to the public, but how that information is received and perceived. Now legit bombshells like the Stundin story and the OPCW leaks can come out without having any real impact, just due to perception management.

In this new paradigm, investigative reporting and whistleblowers are still of course important, but just as important as obtaining the information is addressing the problem of getting it unfiltered into public attention. It doesn’t matter what information you get if no one sees it, and even if it is seen you still need to deal with imperial media spinning what’s seen in a power-serving way. Today you could publish solid, indisputable proof that the FBI was behind the Capitol riot, for example, and the narrative managers would quickly manipulate it into a nothingburger.

This is also why you’ll see narrative managers working so hard to advance smear campaigns against anyone who presents narratives that are inconvenient for the powerful; if they can generate enough public suspicion and dismissiveness toward someone’s voice, no one will ever listen to them. That’s why fighting smear campaigns is so important.

Almost all good business practices are terrible human being practices. To be a good businessman you have to harden the humanity out of you. This is why capitalism creates and elevates terrible humans, and why we are being led into extinction by assholes.

Even seemingly benign business practices like “maintaining cash flow” are inherently corrosive to human nature. You need to break something good in you in order to hold back from paying people for as long as possible, while chasing people to pay you ASAP to keep up your cash flow.

Interrupting criticisms of capitalism to yell “That’s not REAL capitalism!” is like interrupting a magic show to yell “That’s not REAL magic!” Okay it’s not the imaginary fantasy thing you have in your head, but it’s also the only way the thing we’re discussing has ever existed and ever will exist.

It’s not just that “the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence” as Bukowski said. It’s that people with empathy and humility can be shamed and intimidated into silence by the crowd while narcissists just dismiss the crowd as irrelevant insects. The result is that the real artists and visionaries with solid grounding in their inner depths are often brutalized into silence by those who throw rocks at things that shine, while those without functioning empathy centers rise to positions of significant influence.

And I think maybe the lesson here is that we must become so very awake that we have the inner spaciousness to tolerate and heal our way through a bombardment of attacks.

Certainty that humanity is doomed is not a reality-based position. We barely know anything about our universe, our minds or our world. Anything is possible. Rigid pessimism about our fate is grounded in ignorance and intellectual arrogance, not “realism”. Doesn’t mean things aren’t bad, but there’s no rational reason to give up hope or stop fighting.

It is true that we are plunging headlong into a continuum of exponentially expanding weirdness and that familiar patterns are rapidly evaporating. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. To paraphrase Krishnamurti, it is no measure of health to preserve normality in a profoundly sick society.


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Latest comments

  • That wasn’t Bukowski’s quote, it’s Bertrand Russell.

  • Developing the inner spaciousness to withstand attacks: The Buddhist prayer for compassion has worked for me.

  • I try to take care of myself. I rarely ever seek out healthcare. I’d just assume not.
    I have to do it to get my generic Lipitor prescription re-filled annually and I consider that worthwhile, so I plan on keeping on doing that.
    My eyes had been bothering me lately, and I don’t have eye insurance anymore, but I made an appointment. Get this – my eyesight has gotten BETTER! (ha, ha……….ha…I told my wife – must be all the “good living” I’ve been doing lately and she shrugged……we both laughed!
    Peace is easy,

  • We expected democracy,
    we got plutocracy.
    We expected politicians,
    we got corporate lap dogs.
    We expected peace,
    we got endless wars.
    We expected justice,
    we got exploitation.
    We _ _ _ _ this list could go on forever _ _ _ _

  • Meanwhile the Volvo strikers are fighting for our Common Good. “When you see a good fight, get in it.” _E. Debs

    • Are you talking about the ones striking in Virginia….what is that town again…..ah – it is relatively near to Blacksburg.
      Anyhow, I just caught of glimpse of the story on the local news, but it sounded like a seriously hard fight.
      Hell yeah. I want in!
      Ha, ha.
      Packers-Bills in 2022 – that would be a story!

    • Here – a link for other who might be interested….
      I know whose side I am on.

  • No one should ever dismiss the crowd as they create “reality”. My slide rule showed me in the late 60s that for each unit of work I did I needed 10,000,000 units of work done by “other means”(fossil fuels) to support my lifestyle. I have said for over 50 years now that I have never done a stroke of work my whole life. I count the ratio 1:10,000,000 as “no work”. Looking around I could not see anyone else doing any work either-I’m only talking developed world here.
    So who else knows this simple fact? Well, I suspect it is only me and the people in charge, none of you lot do, do you? Now add in the fact that diesel fuel peaked in 2005, the world runs on diesel and does much of the work in my 10,000,000 units, and even the dullest of you should be able to join the dots all the way to this spectacular hoax we are all living through.

    • I read somewhere that traditional Chinese farmers got seven times as much energy out of their crops as they put in, while modern US farmers put in seven times more than they get out.

      • My understanding is that we now put in 10 calories for each one on our plate.

        • This might interest you if you haven’t seen it – not that it’s saying anything all that new.
          ‘Securing decent living standards for all while reducing global energy use’

          Lead-author Jefim Vogel concluded: “In short, we need to abandon economic growth in affluent countries, scale back resource extraction, and prioritise public services, basic infrastructures and fair income distributions everywhere.

          “With these policies in place, rich countries could slash their energy use and emissions whilst maintaining or even improving living standards; and less affluent countries could achieve decent living standards and end material poverty without needing vast amounts of energy. That’s good news for climate justice, good news for human well-being, good news for poverty eradication, and good news for energy security.

          “But we need to be clear that achieving this ultimately requires a broader, more fundamental transformation of our growth-dependent economic system. In my view, the most promising and integral vision for the required transformation is the idea of degrowth – it is an idea whose time has come.”

  • Humanity was probably a good idea at the time, but like so many good ideas, it hasn’t quite worked out the way intended. It’s the pesky destructive thing that ruins it, seemingly enjoying the highly creative acts of destruction above all else. Let’s face it, humanity’s best skill is destruction. Destruction comes naturally, and to most who practice it, it is very pleasurable, satisfying and even profitable.
    Having rapidly climbed to the top of the food chain, there was nothing left to destroy by itself and its environment, both of which it is doing very well indeed.
    If other intelligences bother to write in their history books about the short-lived experiment called humanity, the entry will probably include the words ‘it was a good idea at the time, but…..’.

  • “Certainty that humanity is doomed is not a reality-based position. We barely know anything about our universe, our minds or our world. Anything is possible. Rigid pessimism about our fate is grounded in ignorance and intellectual arrogance, not “realism”. Doesn’t mean things aren’t bad, but there’s no rational reason to give up hope or stop fighting.”

    1000000% agreed.

    As the Tavistockian social engineer John Rawlings Rees put it, “Winning wars is not about killing, it is about destroying the enemy’s morale while maintaining one’s own.”

    Maintains a culture and perception of hopelessness is arguably one of the most important aspects of the current end-game showdown. The WEF Klaus Schwab morons talk like they have everything in the bag. If the actual reality of the incompetence and insanity of the oligarchy is understood, if people have a sense that the fight is real and can be won, you can imagine how frightened the oligarchy would be.

    There was a very interesting conference recently which included VIPS member Ray McGovern and other anti-empire thinkers who expressed a very positive fighting spirit and future orientation. We definitely need to see more of that.

    “Whom the Gods Would Destroy: War With Russia and China is Worse Than MAD!”


    • Watch How to Start a Revolution DVD documentary about nonviolent civil disobedience and resistance and read From Dictatorship to Democracy the book

  • “To paraphrase Krishnamurti, it is no measure of health to preserve normality in a profoundly sick society.” Or, as I’ve been saying for decades, “Of all the attributes a human may possess, sanity is the most overrated.” It is impossible to remain sane in an insane world.

    • Just where is this “world” you talk about? I’ve looked hard now for over 50 years and suspect it is no more than a social construct.

      • “To paraphrase Krishnamurti, it is no measure of health to preserve normality in a profoundly sick society.”
        Caitlin is confused about what “normal” is. Normal was the 12,000 years that ended in1745 with the steam engine. We are now living through the end of a tiny fossil-fueled blip and we will shortly all be back to normal

  • Great column as usual and my feelings exactly.
    The US and the world deserve better. Humanity deserves better.
    Better than Bush, Hillary, Trump, Biden and all the utterly amoral rot they all represent.

    • Why is it “Hillary” and not “W, Clinton, John, Joe and all the utterly amoral rot they represent?” A bit of gender bias shows, yes it does. And that is considered normal, unfortunately.

  • Lol deep state creep throw on three masks and take a double dose of the experimental vaccine. You’ll feel much safer…..

    • Four million dead worldwide. Masks aren’t the problem.

      • If you’re referring to the worldwide COVID death statistics then you should know the statistics are so tainted it’s impossible to know how many actually died from COVID, the flu, pneumonia, hospital associated infections, malpractice, improper use of ventilators or motorcycle accidents labeled as COVID deaths. To put it simply, everyone who dropped dead was classified as having COVID, but all deaths that occurred 48 hours after taking the RNA experimental gene toxic therapy was not associated with the jab. The US public is not given info based in science, they’re told science fiction.

        • Science is real and Rush Limbaugh was lying to you. Someday soon you’ll take that last breath yourself. You’ll be laying in that nursing home bed feeling a little dizzy, and you’ll try inhaling harder. It worked when you were a kid, but it isn’t working now. As you get dizzier you’ll start trying to reach the call button, but you just can’t do it. Panic will set in as you realize people need to breathe after all. None of the nurses will miss the angry old lady who kept calling them stupid.

          • I’m realizing from your comment it’s actually “germaphobe Liberals” who are the simplistic dimwits neglecting to do any independent research. Mental inferiors who demonize and dismiss any alternative info by characterizing those with opposing points of views as right-wing nut cases. Who would have thought so many could be so easily manipulated. Haven’t you reviewed any data other than MSNBC Fauci interviews. Review some of the following articles. Do your own research. There are numerous renowned epidemiologist and virologist who’ve been censored because they dared to speak out against the “official COVID narrative.”

            15,472 Dead 1.5 Million Injured (50% Serious) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

            Fauci Emails: How Top Public Health Officials Spun Tangled Web of Lies Around COVID Origin, Treatmentshttps://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/fauci-emails-top-public-health-officials-lies-covid-

            Pandemic Virus Industrial Complex Is World’s Greatest Threathttps://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/06/28/pandemic-virus-industrial-complex.aspx

            • Right wingers love to throw out an admonition to “do your own research” while repeating talking points they picked up from Limbaugh clones on AM radio and FoxNews. I doubt Charlotte, that you have done your own research, either.

              • John Knox is your pseudonym.

              • Tell your friend John Knox to wipe his ass before his mom changes his diaper. Boy, can that kid stink up a house.

            • Here: The source of the blaring headline in the first link also has a disclaimer saying that the health effects cited are medical events that have been observed following the administration of the COVID-19 vaccines, but which are not necessarily related to or caused by the vaccine. : “The information on this website relates to suspected side effects, i.e. medical events that have been observed following the administration of the COVID-19 vaccines, but which are not necessarily related to or caused by the vaccine. These events may have been caused by another illness or be associated with another medicine taken by the patient at the same time. ”

              This is important because it shows that the figure they show out is likely inflated.

              • VAERS is a conservative organization only keeping statistics for about 1% of the adverse reactions. In addition, most people don’t report their untoward reactions to vaccines. However, isn’t it interesting how millions of fatalities were labeled COVID using “magnified” PCR testing protocols, but none of the deaths or severe reactions occurring to previously “healthy people” 48 hours after being jabbed is associated with the experimental vaccine, which is not even necessary for those who previously contracted COVID or for those who are asymptomatic.

                Experimental drugs should not be used on the healthy. Previously, experimental treatments were only tested on those who were at deaths door. It’s a crime against humanity to inject an experimental RNA gene therapy into children and young healthy adults since the toxins travel throughout the blood system indefinitely. These toxins can lodge in lymph nodes, bone marrow, and in a women’s ovaries. This has been acknowledged by many researchers including the scientist involved in developing the RNA gene therapy.

                It should be noted, that as of June 28, 2021 VAERS cited 780 reports of myocarditis or perocarditis associated with the vaccines among those 30 and younger. VAERS is an ancillary association to the CDC which is nothing but a handmaiden to big pharma. So all the statistics they cite are probably purposely extremely low.

                • I do not see how saying both are wrong supports your argument.

                  • At this point, I only hope a number of people read my comments and checkout the links. Everyone should do their OWN research even if that’s considered a right-wing concept.

                    Remember, when it comes to the COVID official narrative and the vaccines you’re believing the same intelligence agencies who lie and mislead Americans about every imperialist war, historically jailed union protesters, cheated Bernie out of the Democratic Nomination twice, uses mainstream media news to confuse, alienate and misinform, and is currently imprisoning Assange for speaking out against US and British war crimes and political corruption.

                    By the way, If you don’t think the NIH, DARPA, FDA, CDC and a number of similar organizations do not work with the pharmaceutical companies you’re extremely naive. We all want structural change. This change will not happen as long as a corrupt political duopoly is controlled by multinational corporations and the security state. However using “bio-fear” is not the way to precipitate this change, mainly because it will result in a “biosecurity state” meaning heightened surveillance, repression and a Condoleeza Rice style rendition program towards anyone who’s capriciously designated a DVE.

            • Health Impact News is a crackpot site promoting dietary choices that are shown by scientific research to be deleterious to human health. Of course, their position is that modern science and medicine are conspiring to do something bad for ourselves. To what end? Perhaps Lucifer works in mysterious ways. Anyway, reading their “About” page convinces me that it is highly unlikely to have any information that will positively affect my health. YMMV, as yours obviously does, Charlotte. But I stand by my conclusion that the site promotes unproven claims and claims that will adversely affect health.

          • PS. John Knox, if you drop dead tomorrow I’ll piss on your grave it might prompt a bouquet of funeral flowers.

            • Four million have dropped dead and you’re pissing on their memory by saying it’s a lie being spread by all the world’s virologists. It’s not a lie, they really are dead thanks to people like you. I have the same contempt for you that I have for holocaust deniers. If anything you’re worse- you know how to stop it but insist on pretending the whole world is conspiring to fool you. You’ll stop breathing just like them, and your conspiracy theories won’t save you.

              • “I have the same contempt for you that I have for holocaust deniers.”

                Only an insane Zionist would equate the “phony COVID narrative” to the horrific violent slaughter of millions during WWII.
                You proved my point, you’re an idiotic sadistic sociopath.

                • Four million dead and you want to pretend it isn’t real. And if I dare present the truth to you, you call me a Zionist? How does that work?

                  • I’m ending this discussion because you’re a stupid demented fuck who doesn’t even remember what they just wrote.

                    • So- no answer to the “Zionist” question? Get some rest, grannie, and try again So you can’t remember why you called me a Zionist? Get some sleep grannie, maybe you’ll remember tomorrow.tomorrow.

      • John Knox: See Charlotte’s Ruse below. The deranged parrot of ridiculous unfounded bs has identified us as sock puppet accounts for each other. I would likely not mind meeting you some day to get to know my alias.

        But no, Charlotte, I do not have any idea of the irl identity of poster calling himself John Knox.

        • “The deranged parrot of ridiculous unfounded bs”

          Gaslighting this thread by accusing me of behavior you’re engaged in.

        • Hilarious!

          • Why don’t you go back to your CIA cubicle and create more fictional tales about terrifying viruses and UFO’s…….

            • Charlotte, tell us about your research. Convince us instead of just calling us names.

              • I posted several links on this thread why don’t you read them, Einstein.

                When you’re back in your cubicle you might want to check them out and do your own research. OMG, I forgot if you tell someone do to their own research you’re considered right-wing.

                • We know where you live and we’re coming to getcha! We’re bringing the Mossad too!

                  • You’re proving my point Liberals are nuts.

                    • You said I was a Zionist and FBI too. The nut is you.

                    • You’re the one who keeps stalking me. If you were normal you’d go away.

  • “It is true that we are plunging headlong into a continuum of exponentially expanding weirdness and that familiar patterns are rapidly evaporating. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. To paraphrase Krishnamurti, it is no measure of health to preserve normality in a profoundly sick society.”


    It has never been so easier to be a terrorist in America. Any who “violently oppose” “all forms of capitalism” or “corporate globalization” are now listed as a domestic terrorist.

    And regarding the definition of violence YMMV. (your mileage may vary)

    To suppress racially motivated violence such as a bonfire in the middle of an intersection blocking traffic and disturbing the peace, homeland security stands ready ready to plant false news reports in mainstream media should any young black men be murdered by federal agents. As happened to Winston Smith last month in Minneapolis by Fox news. Start 57 minutes in with ‘James From The Internet’ to learn more. I am on the left. A total amateur production. Next week I will remember not to lean into the camera and turn into a giant. But this is not about me. This is about Winston.


    Based on the expansion of the American Police State I can’t agree an increase in wierdness is a good thing.

  • Looks to me like those in power are implementing the Starvation diet plan (watch “The Dimming” for a trip down the rabbit hole). Once the supply lines shut down, this will eventually bring about the absolute chaos that they seek. Even most small communities don’t have enough to feed themselves without outside assistance, let alone the cities.

    All the other bullshit reasons to kill each other including race and religion will pale in comparIson to not being able to feed ourselves and our families. Prepare now.

    • The heat dome currently over the western USA and Canada, fires in the boreal forests, and methane release from permafrost are not due to climate change, but attempts to conceal the extent of climate change?

      • Your compatriots are handing you the wrong crib notes, Troll. Watch the video. Tell me what you think. Be specific. We’re all part of the same experiment. Or do you just want to take the word of Operation Paperclip science?

        • The video says heat domes, boreal forest fires and methane release from arctic permafrost are the result of attempts to conceal the extent of climate change.
          I think they’re due to climate change.

          • The video reveals an extensive weaponized weather modification system verified by a number of retired generals who have no more need to lie.

            • The video claims this ‘extensive weaponized weather modification system’ is being used to conceal the true extent of climate change. Perhaps the recent record temeratures in Canada are really 60°C or higher? Arctic wildfires have already totally destroyed the boreal forests? Miami is already underwater? There’s been no precipitation at all in California for a decade? True CO2 levels are 1000 parts per million?
              If not, what aspect of climate change is being concealed?

      • Climate Changes. Just like everything else. End of that theory. Do you really think government cares about climate change to protect the Earth?? Idiocy, they only push their so called solutions to gain power, period. If they want to lower the use of fossil fuels, they have to convince China and India, which they completely ignore. In in the lead of government subversion is Australia locking down again and again. US citizens are done with that bs.

        • You think the Chinese government completely ignores China, and the Indian government India?
          If not, what do you mean? Who are the ‘they’ who ignore these two countries? Many Western nations seem fixated on China of late, and the US is trying to build this ‘Quad’ including India.

  • Witch burning??? Lol. One, Giles Corey, was crushed with a stone, but for the most part, our “witches” were hanged in 1693 on Gallows Hill in Salem. None of them was burned.

  • Hey; the Catholic Church has been committed atrocities for millennia. So misogynistic that females aren’t allowed into the officer classes to this day and it’s still going strong and the very women who are excluded from the officer classes voluntarily give money and work for this evil empire to this day. The Pharoah was getting the workers to build their tombs and fight their wars instead of putting their energy into building better homes for their families. There have been 150,000 German soldiers in Afghanistan over time and the reason as spoken by the President a few year’s ago “Germany is a trading nation!”. He was promptly fired by Merkel for speaking truth and he was the head of state. Trump also would speak truth from time to time but he was a loose cannon and a short fingered vulgarian; he got the tax cuts through and the judges appointments done; it was time for him to go and be replaced with another useful idiot. We are a very flawed species, easily controlled by a few sociopaths because we believe stories.

  • You ordered healthcare from a Dem crony politician who for five decades enacted legislation more in keeping with a Bushite neoconservative. So you’re disappointed, that instead of securing enhanced social safety nets you were offered “free jabs” of an “experimental toxic gene therapy” and a continuation of the Middle East debacle. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be hysterically funny.

    Most Americans don’t understand the similarity between themselves and the abused Syrians and Iraqis who are tormented while Western and Eurasian Empires determine hegemonic dominance. The Middle East and African populations are controlled by bombs, bullets and drones, but Western populations especially Americans are controlled by “fear.”

    To put it simply, in the Middle East indigenous populations are subjugated to military force in the West citizenry are manipulated by fear. The end goal is the same “compliance.”

    The mysterious release of COVID from a biological warfare lab ensured just the right amount of “bio-fear” required to gain the attention of the stupefied millions and pave the way for subsequent lockdowns and resulting economic and social mayhem. Notice, the direct correlation between geographical social unrest and COVID authoritarianism.

    That being said, prior to COVID the “US dumbass politically unconscious” did not have the same populist protests as those raging throughout Europe and South America. In 2016, Bernie’s campaign illustrated the outrage among the US working-class and it was answered by the “orange-man distraction” who was selected by the ruling class to mollify the discontented via a faux populist clown. However, the veritable Yellow Vest Protesters could not be placated and were terrifying the “Macron Monarchy.” In South America, the Chilean working-class were taking to the streets violently revolting against 30 years of neoliberal exploitation.

    In any case, a “bio-emergency” provided the means to shutdown all social unrest terrifying populations into submission. In fact, “bio-fear” easily paved the way for mass acceptance of every nonsensical repressive edict. This extraordinary “psyops operation” has been in the security state’s “bag of tricks” for decades, but “timing is everything.”

    What’s interesting, is that it’s NOT a secret. Bio-fear plans have been overtly spelled-out in Event 201 (2019), the Rockefeller Lockstep 2010 project, etc…. It’s been in plain sight. You’re openly told exactly what the international financiers and the security state have in-store to secure “compliance.”

    The modus operandi to successfully achieve this endgame is “mainstream media news” or better described as relentless state-run propaganda.

    In the end if all goes well for the security state, the population becomes little more than lobotomized “jelly heads” willing to digest and accept the most irrational moronic rubbish. But wait, there’s a “backup plan” for when brainwashing no
    longer works–it’s called transhumanism. The sadistic sociopaths intend to merge humans with machines overseeing their sensory reception, emotive ability, and cognitive capacity.

    Let’s hope all the “jelly heads” wake-up before their kids and
    grandkids become robotic cyborgs….

    • Looks like North Korea is belatedly using this “bio-fear” to pave the way for mass acceptance of every nonsensical repressive edict. Are the international financiers getting the compliance they want? Will this move shut down the massive social unrest for which the DPRK is famed, and terrify the population into submission? Is Kim Jong-Un a secret jelly head?

      • Why not use the same tactic in North Korea. It’s not mutually exclusive to just one population of brainwashed dimwits.

        • What bait did the international financiers dangle before Kim Jong-Un to get him to play along?

          • Isn’t Kim a sidekick of Xi? Didn’t the virus emerge from a US funded biological warfare lab in Wuhun? You connect the dots smatass….

          • Putin and Pelosi are secretly evil cyborg alien twins who are hatching a sinister plot to make the whole world wash their hands and get vaccinated.

            • Lol deep state creep throw on three masks and take a double dose of the experimental vaccine. You’ll feel much safer…..

              • I forgot the deep state is also a part of the grand Putin and Pelosi conspiracy that includes all of the governments that it hates. Thanks for the reminder.

                • Maybe, you’re an arrogant
                  A-hole or worse just another ignorant Liberal………

                  • Four million dead isn’t enough for you?

                    • I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

            • Do you mean the whole world has to wash Putin’s and Pelosi’s hands, like some act of fawning submission?

    • Excellent write-up Charlotte.

  • “Almost all good business practices are terrible human being practices.”
    Yes indeed. But I expect you’ll get some pushback on that!

  • “It is journalistic malpractice to parrot US government claims.” Actually, this type of mind set gives them (“journalists”/media) cover – as if they are not “parrot[s].” It is not “malpractice”; it is a wholly controlled/directed construct. Thus, every time, it represents wholly conceived successes. “We haven’t seen anything like [these] complete mass media blackout[s].” According to us and our set/staged plans, you still “haven’t seen anything,“ yet – that would compare to what we have in store. We decide what will be presented, as well as the when and how. Period. Get used to it. Accept it. If not, especially if you speak out, be targeted. To quote Katherine Graham: “We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn’t.” Got that? Again, we decide – what, when, how. You are only to know what we tell you to know. You are only to follow what we tell you to follow. If you remain in defiance, and still believe that “Anything [otherwise] is possible,” this might be the time to follow something else? https://seaclearly.com/2012/12/07/ring-them-bells

  • I cannot imagine a more evil entity than the US Military Industrial Complex. Apparently able to murder hundreds of thousands or more, and sleep soundly. Although the world wide Medical Industrial Complex is running a close second.

  • “Almost all good business practices are terrible human being practices.”
    Indeed they are, in an economy run by the Sociopaths In Charge and the bank cartel.
    In a truly free market, not so much. Where the only way to gain wealth is by providing a good or service that people want or need, at a price they are willing and able to pay, with an acceptable level of quality, and moral behavior, such as environmental concern.
    But, you constantly rob people of their wealth through government and bank cartels, and people are FORCED to buy the very cheapest they can find. Which often comes with a lot of quality free and moral free baggage.

    • A truly free market. One free of government intervention is not going to produce morally sound goods and services.

  • “It’s a safe bet that if the world found out all the profoundly evil things the US government and its allies did in Syria it would damage US imperialist consensus-building far worse than the Iraq invasion.” Caitlin continues to fall for the myth that the masses would be appalled, rise up and demand change, if only they knew the truth. Thoreau saw things otherwise, that the pervasive and persistent problem is not the absence of factual knowledge but of ethical will; i.e., that most people, whatever their level of knowledge, do not “greatly propose to do right.” The idealistic left has run into this brick wall ever since its inception and still hasn’t a clue about how to break through it…if it can be.

    • That seems to be the impression I get. People are not particularly interested in right. There are far more base desires that take precedence. It’s exemplified daily in people’s willingness to exact violence for seemingly petty things.

  • Well said.

  • The derogatory term “gadfly” puts Mike Gravel in the good company of Socrates, “The Gadfly of Athens.”

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