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Hi I’m a very serious news reporter. The Russians are controlling our thoughts with Facebook memes and scrambling our brains with invisible ray gun attacks. In other news, capitalism is working fine and our wars defend freedom and democracy. The government never lies. Here’s Bob with the weather.

It’s hilarious that people still think the Democratic Party cares about winning elections. That’s not its job, children. That’s not why the Democratic Party exists. The Democratic Party exists to kill leftward progress in the world’s most powerful nation. That’s all it cares about doing.

The Democratic Party doesn’t care about winning elections. The Democratic Party doesn’t care about promoting popular policies. The Democratic Party doesn’t care about passing legislation. The Democratic Party only cares about doing things like this:

They were always going to blame Biden’s failures on the left.

“The political spectrum has moved too far to the left. I believe this because I was told to by a millionaire with a vested interest in stifling support for socialism. Also I think ‘left’ means having pink hair and using words like ‘polycule’ in casual conversation.”

So mad at American leftists for forcing the Democratic Party to be a right wing imperialist oligarch front who nobody wants to vote for.

US troops are four times more likely to die by their own hand than in combat. They’ve figured out how to protect US military personnel from enemy fire, but not from the psychological consequences of working for the US military.

Imagine if you learned you had a serious form of cancer, and then not only did you not pursue any kind of treatment, but you also barely ever talked about it or thought about it. That’s how weird humanity’s response has been to the myriad imminent existential threats it faces.

The world is dominated by opaque and unaccountable government agencies. The Pentagon killed ten civilians, none of whom were combatants and seven of whom were kids, lied about it, got caught, investigated itself and found its staff weren’t even guilty of so much as negligence, then classified the report.

Corporations are legally required to act like sociopaths; they’re required to maximize shareholder profits even if it means ruining lives, destroying the ecosystem, etc. Companies controlled by workers instead of blind profit motive would have human interests as a driving factor. They wouldn’t have blind sociopathic pursuit of profit at all cost as their driving motive, they’d have their own sets of priorities. These would include making money, sure, but they would also include moral interests, having a healthy planet for their kids, etc.


Anarcho-capitalism wouldn’t end war, it would just privatize it. Capitalism minus states would just be corporate mercenaries doing what government goon squads do now. To picture what would happen if ancaps got their way, imagine the plot of the movie Avatar, except instead of unobtainium it’s normal terrestrial resources, and instead of an alien planet it’s the Global South.

Capitalism is so bad at providing for people that its commanders must wage constant aggression against the Global South to steal enough to prevent bread riots in the Global North.

Few people understand how fucked things really are. It’s not just that we’re facing global disaster on multiple fronts and our electoral systems are rigged to prevent us from doing anything about it, it’s that the public is being propagandized away from even wanting to do anything about it.

Our abusive systems are so deeply locked in on so many levels that even people who see things kind of clearly can’t really grasp how bad it is. They’re still like oh okay then we need a new political party or a new voting strategy or whatever, and it just misses the reality of our situation. We’re so very, very sick and so very, very, very far from any kind of shift toward health, and you look at what even the most awake people are talking about and it’s often vapid sectarian bickering about nonsense that’s light years from having any relevance to our current plight.

That’s why I use the word “miracle” sometimes. Because if you really grasp how fucked things are and still hold out hope that we can change things in time to save the world, you’re basically holding out hope for a miracle. You might not use that word, but you’re hoping for something to happen that on paper is impossible.

So what do we do? The only thing we can do in such a situation: work tirelessly to spread awareness. To spread awareness to other people, and to spread awareness within ourselves. To facilitate awakening, collectively and as an individual. It’s the only thing that ever leads to healthy change.

Do that with everything we’ve got, and do it for its own sake with the full allowance that it could easily not be enough, and who knows. We just might get our miracle.


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45 responses to “Super Serious News Reporting: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Your first paragraph gifted me with the best laugh I’ve had in quite some time… thanks so much and keep up the good work!

  2. And before anyone says, “But dude they totally measure our speed by this star or that constellation…”,
    Those things are hurtling through space the same way.
    It’s kinda not ‘not a miracle’.

  3. Heck, what’s not a miracle?
    We live on a planet on the edge of a galaxy that is hurtling through litterally endless empty space which is yet filled with all of the worlds in creation at a speed that our most brilliant minds can only guess at. And, that has literally been happening forever.
    So, yeah there’s a few miracles out there, and maybe more than we realize.

  4. Putin’s speech at Valdai offers much hope; see a commentated version at the link below. All the rabid saber-rattling and baseless vilification of Russia, China, and Iran silhouettes a solution the global elite are desperate to strangle. All are key members of the growing SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Org) and the BRI (Silk Road) initiative, along with other central Asian countries and likely soon, Afghanistan. As the militarist Neocon empire self-destructs in a sea of debt and military overreach, this is already bearing fruit. It promises a global paradigm shift that is destined to replace the globalist elite’s zero-sum global tyranny with multipolar win-win commonwealth investment much like FDR’s New Deal on an international scale.

    I do believe we are on the cusp of a global humanist revolution — a peaceful one, if the violent nature of a wounded apex predator can yet be restrained.

    1. Thanks for a link to a speech that should be widely read and pondered. Hope you’re right about that cusp.

  5. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Spread awareness. Do it every day. Do it all the time. Do it until your unaware friends start to bleed from their ears.

  6. “Hi I’m a very serious news reporter. The Russians are controlling our thoughts with Facebook memes and scrambling our brains with invisible ray gun attacks. In other news, capitalism is working fine and our wars defend freedom and democracy. The government never lies. Here’s Bob with the weather.”
    Below is a little tidbit from the early 1960s. See? Sincere people have been trying, one way or another, to get people, their neighbors, total strangers, etc. to “wake up” for many decades. How’s that going, so far? Well, so far, “things” for humanity as a whole are only getting worse, but the aformentioned individuals’ investment portfolios are doing fantastic; the value of their homes is skyroketing; their direct and indirect jobs at you-name-it war corporation are more secure than ever, so they really don’t give a shit about anything else. They want Rachel, Don, NYT, WaPo, Brandon, Nancy, Mitch, Adam, Chuck, Janet, Jerry, etc. to continue to lie to them. And when their children come home from school, they will tell their 2021 parents what they learned in school today, just as the children of 1960s did to their parents.

  7. Community. The most important concept to remember. We need community to survive. Community food production. Community support networks. Community childcare. Community energy production. Community housing. Community healthcare. Realising we are only as free and strong the community we build is the most important thing. Forget competition, we don’t have to have more or be better than our neighbours. Forget profit, greed gets us nowhere. Forget materialism, wealth is in our wellbeing not in how much stuff we have. Forget everything we are taught. We are not workers or consumers, clients or customers, users or capitalists. We are members of a community, we are friends, family, neighbours, helpers and carers. Communities working together to make their corner of the world better will be our miracle but it needs our thinking to change radically, one community at a time if it has to.

  8. “Awareness”: Virginia voted for a republican over the far-right corporatist-democrat who took sides against parents who were being labeled as “domestic terrorists.” And, by the next morning, all the controlled headlines blasted Progressives (“The party is going too far left.”) for being the cause of defeat. Who would think the PR onslaught blaming Progressives was pre-written, should a certain candidate lose?
    “Awareness”: Shenanigans were caught going on in the New Jersey vote counting process, where the republican was initially ahead. Then, the democrat said all votes must be counted before declaring a winner. In a matter of hours, the democrat declares victory (exactly as Pete Buttigieg did in Iowa) – before all the votes were counted. Who would think the PR onslaught in support of such a thing was pre-written? Enjoy the show!

  9. Caitlin, thank you for your tireless efforts to spread awareness. Change will happen; and complex systems sometimes need just a tiny nudge to start an avalanche

  10. What’s up with Australian hospitals being full with non-COVID cases? Some are hypothesizing the recent bump of deaths that exceed the averages of the past 5 years are vaccine injuries. I’m not so sure, after looking at official Australian mortality statistics. There’s been no big jump in heart attacks, for example.

    1. Interested in this as well. I’m vaccinated but my kids at 5 and 7 aren’t. I decided I wanted to hear the full argument from the vaccine-hesitant crowd and while a lot of it seems over the top to me some of their concerns and questions I haven’t heard completely satisfying answers to.

      Doing this saw the claimed mortality is up in Scotland and Germany. Saw on anti-vax debunkers the fact Australia has low covid and no death rates should put this to bed. But now these reports of overwhelmed hospitals.

      As it stands I still believe in the concept of the vaccine enough to have scheduled my kid’s vaccination for next Friday but I’m keeping tabs.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        You need to watch the World Socialist Webinar from a few weeks ago with presentations by international virologists, epidemiologists and others about how to eliminate Covid-19.

      2. You should cancel your appointment. In the UK Raw stats are easily downloaded from Office of national Statistics, Public Health England and the Yellow Card system. You will find 1. In the UK only 7 children died in the last year – 1 in a million – all them them with serious conditions like leukemia. 2. Children are killed and seriously injured by the vaccines – difficult to know numbers yet , perhaps 1 in 100,000. 3. The vaccines are untested and there is a serious chance of serious life long injury. 4. They are completely ineffective at stopping the spread so the argument that they will “save granny” is completely empty. This is obvious looking at the UK stats, and now pretty much universally acknowledged.

      3. It’s even more complicated. Long Covid is real. It’s the latest name for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME/CFS.

        There doesn’t seem to be any correlation between who gets forever covid, and how severe the covid was, or if they were vaccinated.

        Surviving covid, and recovering from covid are entirely different things. ME/CFS is mostly ignored by the medical community, so no one has bothered to determine what percentage of people survive, but don’t recover from covid.

        Getting the vaccine, and not getting the vaccine are both risks. And we don’t have much reliable information to help us make an informed decision.

        1. ‘Getting the vaccine, and not getting the vaccine are both risks. And we don’t have much reliable information to help us make an informed decision.’


          I’d love to have the conviction some have on both sides but I think you are right about the level of uncertainty in play.

    2. Chronic conditions from vaccines are the culprit. These will fly under the radar and are never be addressed. It would take a comprehensive analytical study to reveal this correlation which will never be conducted. The bottom line is covid vaccines affect the immune system which medicine know little. Thus mankind will become sicker and more susceptible to illness and death. Expect cancer rates to rise as well since our immune system suppresses cancer formation. Many immunoligists hold this view but get no notice.

      1. Are there any immunologists that would suggest I follow on Twitter if I’d like to hear more?

        1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
          Carolyn L Zaremba

          All of the epidemiologists involved in the WSWS Webinar.

      2. This is a reasonable video by a pathologist on impact of covid vaccines on the body. If you are concerned take the time to listen.

      3. AND… there’s a RACE to dump vaccine doses since, out-of-date, non-conforming transport, temperature, QA issues BEFORE pushing a bunch of competing FAR more remunerative “miracle cures” we’ve financed, but Biden’s forgot to tell us, we’ll pay RETAIL for?

    3. Try Ireland, we’d both got Moderna (me, on day 144) NEJM, BMJ, Cleveland & Mayo Clinic, Israel, Baltic nations (stopping OUR choice for kids, for the exact side effects, I’d reported), Germany, Spain, France & Italy… apparently “anti-vaxx?” If we’ve already infected millions of kids with ever-mutating >R06 strains (which they can effectively vector, asymptomatically to teachers, drivers, au-pair, loved-ones) and NOW, we’ll just IGNORE that which ALL MEDIA now cherry-picks, ignores.. and inoculates, after testing <25% of unvaccinated kids (NOT IgA, IgG, spike protein or existing immunology, pro-inflammatory cytokine organ damage… well, guess my portfolio needs more FIRE & PhARMA equities, since we'll likely set off a tsunami of chronic PASC surprise ER, ICU and long-term heart, lunk, kidney & CNS shit?

      1. ‘and inoculates, after testing <25% of unvaccinated kids (NOT IgA, IgG, spike protein or existing immunology, pro-inflammatory cytokine organ damage'

        Sorry, I'm not understanding this part. What testing was done? Did they test unvaccinated kids for antibodies and found they already had them? Or they didn't have them? Links?


        1. Try READING our posts? The link includes the links. Basically, each and EVERY post, I’ve made concerning COVID includes VERY well substantiated links from ginormous, double blind, peer-reviewed, mass studies; over & over & over; while CDC, WHO, Trump, Biden, Drs Anderson & Maddow simply repeat… everything’s back to NORMAL. Rich white folk are all IMMUNE. All uppity essentials, back to WORK! Actually researching fact, while infected with a virus (that killed ~100X fewer Koreans, per-capita, than US citizens) rather than simply believing what Comcast, Disney, Fox, AT&T, Viacom TOLD us uppity essentials’ we believed, epitomizes our pandemic. COVID is just catastrophe capitalism’s tool to flip our homes, indenture us into 1099 gig-serfdom… so, here’s where you call us all RooskiBot, BernieBro, BLM trolls?

          1. Wonder if you’ve seen these links below. I ran across them doing my own research months ago. Everything I’ve found about Dr. David Martin tells me he’s legit, if so, this breaks open the entire covid narrative. The first link is a zoom call between him and a major law firm in Germany. Explosive stuff. He’s also claiming may lawyers across the country are requesting the pdf file on Fauci for upcoming legal action (link 2 & 3)




            1. No, I hadn’t. I’d pretty much kept to posting clinicians, virologists & epidemiologists’ empirically, peer-reviewed or healthcare sourced studies & statistics (and let fellow readers formulate their opinions). I’d used sources, proved factual. Most of these were correct in Jan-April 2020 as authenticated by subsequent events. (One of your sources states there were NO excess fatalities attributable to COVID’s handling, worldwide. In actuality: ~5 million deaths of ~17 million excess deaths were officially attributed, to the virus?





        2. When I ask someone a question and they get mad and tell me to learn how to read, it tells me that they don’t have a lot of confidence in what they have written.

  11. Just exactly WHAT do people do after they’re all woke up — pick up a gun; guillotine some VIPs; march hand in hand down Penn. Ave. forever and demand, demand, demand that the Elite behave better, or else?
    Here’s what you are eventually going to HAVE TO DO because
    there. is. no. other. way.
    If you do not want More Of The Same that you’ve gotten after every election in the past, do not vote for another R or D, ever, no matter what an R or D promises! Jimmy Dore explains EXACTLY why.

  12. If Democrats move any farther to the left they are going to end up in the center.

    1. How I wish this were true. But “The People,” at least in the U.S., have been demoralized, the human spirit eroded, to the point where only the negative, the resentful, can motivate. Even the highest virtues and values have been perverted. Take justice, for example. What really gets Americans worked up these days? Not that some people aren’t getting what they need, but rather that some people might get something they don’t “deserve.” I had a friend, a great guy in many ways, who was adamantly against universal health care. Why? Because even though he couldn’t afford medical treatment for his swollen, painful foot, his chief concern was that lazy, loafing people would be given something, in this case medical care, which didn’t earn by getting off their dead asses and contributing to society. Racism obviously plays a part in this, but it’s far from the whole story. This mindset of resentment, I submit, drives millions upon millions of Americans. If Medicare For All or something like it ever approaches a congressional vote (slim chance), I have little doubt that a relentless barrage of CIA/MSM attack ads triggering this resentment (and instilling fear that people with semi-decent healthcare might lose at least part of it) would turn the tide and kill the bill in its tracks. God I hope I’m wrong here, but I don’t think so. Do you?

      1. Like the crocodile tears Buttigieg and others shed when lamenting that Sanders’ Medicare for All would take away the insurance that unions had negotiated (and given up other benefits for) over the past few decades.

        “Don’t let Bernie away your medical insurance plan!” rather than “We can provide medical insurance just like yours for everyone in the country and the total cost will be less.”

        Yes, because Americans have soaked up the framing that the liberals want to give something to people who don’t deserve it.

        I’ll interject here, isn’t christianity sort of founded on giving people something they don’t deserve? Each human is regarded as but a wretched sinner who may not achieve salvation and eternal life through virtue, through good works or keeping the law, but only by the grace of an angry and vengeful god.

        1. *Don’t let Bernie take away ….”

          1. Thanks for the thoughtful response, J. And while you’re correcting your comment, let me correct mine. It should read “which THEY didn’t earn….”

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      You mean to the right, don’t you? The Democrats are a right-wing imperialist party. They have NEVER been left, FDR notwithstanding.

      1. Carolyn, I greatly respect your leftist revolutionary commitment. But I’ve been wanting to ask you a question, a serious one, not a veiled attack. Has there EVER been, since the days of the hunter/gatherer and the agrarian village, a truly leftist government in the socialist or communist sense, one which is truly of the people and does not depend on top/down control by the few over the many. I don’t think so, at least beyond the local or communal level, but maybe you can school me here. Let me hasten to add that this fact, if it is a fact, has no bearing on the value of such a society, which I, too, desire to see “come on earth.”

        1. May I suggest Yugoslavia?

          1. Well if it isn’t our favorite cooperate shill. Just itching to get the 0-4 yo. full of Capital’s Magic Juice!!

            1. What’s wrong with cooperating? That’s how human progress happens!

  13. Its tough out there.
    abuse, not a matter of if, but when
    the next packet arrives.
    Passive aggressive, violent, manipulative
    the scale always varies.
    For some a offhand comment designated to cut
    for some a right hand cross to the face with lethal force.
    The resulting pain
    inflicted in psyche, on body
    can nauseate and sicken the receiver
    in perfect ratio required
    for satiation of the aggressor.

  14. A few thoughts.

    Fraud is a crime. This is written in our Legal System. To claim as fact what is not true, is Fraud. To claim a Legal Authority, when none exists as true, is Fraud. Fraud is a Crime.

    Coming to a country near you (see below), is that Fraud which has no Legal Authority. Demand that the Legal Authority be given to you in writing by a living man or woman, signed, with name printed and a street address suitable for the service of Notices. This is the legal process.

    No written evidence from a living man or woman is no evidence to support that Claim, and the Claim fails or is Fraud, and Criminal when forced.

    It is that simple. We need only demand Proof of Claim showing Legal Authority, and not a Claim of Authority without evidence. My take on this for what its worth.


    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Do you seriously believe that the imperialists give a flying fuck about legality? I mean, seriously? They violate both their own and international laws every single day of their existence. Their sole claim to authority is violence and war. They are global gangsters. That is why they must go.

  15. I love this article Caity. Thanks.

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