Listen to a reading of this article:

NATO expansionism and provocations in Ukraine have caused Russia to issue warnings that it will begin creating counter-threats to those escalations if they are not scaled back, which can easily lead to another Cuban Missile Crisis-like standoff (which we barely survived by sheer dumb luck last time). Nothing about our insane cold war environment suggests western leaders will navigate this situation safely.

Anti-China propaganda is not any more complicated than other western propaganda narratives, but many who’ve seen through other narratives still buy into the anti-China ones. This is likely due to the fact that anti-China propaganda has been going for generations, plus the added factors of racism, anti-communism, and anxiety about what’s going to happen after the inevitable collapse of the US empire.

It’s amazing how many arguments I encounter that boil down to “China is bad. Therefore everything bad I hear about China is probably true.”

It’s an extremely widespread species of brain worm. “China is bad. Everything bad I hear about China is therefore probably true. Everyone who disputes any of those bad things is therefore wildly biased toward China. Because China is bad, nobody could possibly be biased toward it is unless they’re a paid shill. I’m good at thinking.”

It is true that western media are greatly exaggerating the threat of an unprovoked attack on Taiwan or Ukraine by China or Russia, respectively. But even if they weren’t, going to war with Russia or China over who governs Taiwan or Ukraine would only be supported by crazy morons.

People often object to this position saying, “So you’re saying we should just let China/Russia invade Taiwan/Ukraine??”

And the answer is “Yes. Of course we should. What are you a fucking idiot?”

The US is the absolute last government on earth we should want making decisions which threaten the very existence of our species. Its interventions are consistently disastrous, consistently based on lies, consistently fail to accomplish what their proponents claim, and are never based on what’s in the highest interest for everyone.

Hey remember when everyone pretended to believe Jeremy Corbyn was a closet Nazi just to keep the left from gaining a foothold in the UK? And how saying he isn’t a Nazi made you a Nazi? Saying they were cynically pretending to believe he’s a Nazi also made you a Nazi. Everyone was a Nazi except those who pretended to believe Corbyn was a Nazi. That was some wild shit.

And now they’re all gone. There was a giant Nazi epidemic, couldn’t throw a stone without hitting a Corbyn-loving Nazi, and now they’re all gone.

Where have all the Nazis gone?


You simply cannot understand international controversies without understanding the propaganda spin that goes into them and having an acute awareness that your own society participates in those propaganda operations. You just can’t. If you don’t get this, you don’t get anything.

People get annoyed at me for pointing this out; they try to act like you can discuss this or that story about an empire-targeted nation without addressing the fact that it’s happening in the context of an aggressive western propaganda campaign. And you can’t. Doing so is absurd.

“That western narrative is false.”

‘Oh yeah? Prove it!’

“Here’s a link.”

‘Ha! THAT outlet? You can’t cite THAT outlet!’

“Why not?”

‘That outlet always disputes western narratives!’

“Yeah that’s why I cited it.”

‘No. You can only cite outlets that never dispute western narratives.’

It’s such a trip how CIA veterans and Israeli operatives are trying to push the Biden administration into a military confrontation with Iran and the public response has not been for everyone to grab these people and throw them into the ocean.

For many months people have been yelling at me for focusing on world-threatening nuclear brinkmanship instead of Covid authoritarianism. Now the brinkmanship has gotten far more dangerous, and those same people often tell me these cold war escalations are a hoax.

There’s so much sloppy thinking on this front. People have literally told me that world powers are repositioning their military arsenals as a “distraction” from the Covid issue; not just once but many times. And they’ll cite the US, China and Russia having some degree of overlap in their Covid policies as proof that they’re all acting under a one-world government and therefore on the same side.

To my mind the rising risk of nuclear war in the next few years is the single most urgent threat in the world, and each escalation makes it more likely. I am glad that I have not been successfully cajoled into dismissing this primary threat by sloppy thinkers with bad media consumption habits.

The only ultimate threats to humanity are those we can’t fix later on. Nuclear annihilation. Environmental collapse. Dystopia where total information control and automated weaponry make revolution impossible. On anything else we can always course correct after realizing our mistake. We’re only really locked in if we make a mistake that we can’t come back from.


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78 responses to “The Big Threats Are The Ones We Can’t Come Back From: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. It seems that fear of “the bomb” was a faked reality (by now you can smell it in behind your mask) unleashed upon the whole globe. It also confirms that duck & cover technique was quite an appropriate response to the amount of danger “the dud” was offering.

    Read the book below by Michael Palmer, titled:
    “Hiroshima revisited – The evidence that napalm and mustard gas helped fake the atomic bombing”

    From the book:
    “While it can be argued that America emerged from the war with much
    enhanced stature and power, entering the war was certainly not willed by the
    American people; Roosevelt himself won reelection in 1940 by promising “again
    and again” that he would not send America’s young men into the war. As to the
    ‘nuclear’ bombings and the national interest, we can defer to General MacArthur:
    concluding peace months earlier would have been possible and “avoided all of
    the losses, the Atomic bomb, and the entry of Russia into Manchuria.”

    Aside from aiding Soviet expansion and increasing the body count of Ameri-
    can soldiers, the ‘atomic’ bombings affected the American psyche in a manner
    not to be taken lightly. If Japan got to play the victim, America had to portray
    the ignoble perpetrator. To assuage its guilty conscience, the convenient myth
    was created that the bombs had shortened the war and saved many lives, which
    was of course the exact opposite of the truth.

    Other than these feelings of guilt and the lies needed to numb them, the
    American people’s only reward for their prolonged sacrifice was that, instead of
    being left alone to enjoy the peace when finally it came, they were transported
    instantly from the past war’s sorrows to fear and dread of even more terrible
    bloodshed about to begin.

    We could go on—the nuclear scare whipped up after the fake atomic bombs
    birthed the Cold War, with its vast expenditures on the ‘military-industrial
    complex’; this treasure could have been spent in other ways, to greater benefit
    for civilian society.”

  2. My sincerest apologies to Caitlin the Great, imperious possessor of the sacred research methods. The impervious truth thus derived renders all critique null and void. The yellers of these misguided views truly do not understand the issue, and indeed have not researched, it’s plain to see that now.
    I have been directed in the correct verbiage to humbly recalibrate after being proven completely wrong, and will comply forthwith. Despite my soup-brained capacity, I solemnly request more ad hominem attacks, in hopes that future insults will each be sillier than the last.
    If the sovereign could find the time to actually yell just a few more times, my gratitude would be boundless. I had no idea that potential nuclear annihilation is *THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IN THE WORLD*. After being directed to re-read what I incorrectly perceived to be anodyne articles written 3 months ago, it’s clear now that nothing of authoritarian significance has taken place since then, not in Australia, Austria, or anywhere else. In fact, we were correctly informed here last June that “Humanity Is Escaping From The Abusive Relationship With The Police State,” and I have taken the time to reconsider my position and now accept this sage wisdom without question.
    Having been thusly directed to the website search bar, my perceptions on the trivial matter of the Howard Springs internment camp were dispelled, and it was in fact thoroughly covered by a tweet. I trust that Mickleham, Toowoomba, and not-at-all-dystopian experiences like Hayley Hodgson’s have been decried on Twitter as well. If and when Australians are allowed to recover their senses, it is my fervent desire that this most unpleasant petition be memory-holed immediately.

  3. The common sense plan for Ukraine’ leaders: 1. Restore the flow of water to the Crimea. 2. Recognize Crimea’s succession from Ukraine. 3. Cut all ties with NATO by refusing to accept NATO arms or advisors. 4. Withdraw Ukraine’s army from its confrontational positions against the provinces of eastern Ukraine. 5. Open Ukraine’s borders with Russia. 6. Allow the eastern provinces to decide by election which country they want to be a part of. 7. Adapt a constitutional amendment which would prohibit Ukraine from joining NATO.

  4. I probably agree with Caitlin’s takes 99% of the time. Been reading her stuff for years. But her deafening silence — as an Australian (!) — on Covid authoritarianism has been puzzling to say the least. Hell, even Einstein was wrong a time or two. But for her now to label everyone pointing out her silence on this clear and present issue as “sloppy thinkers with bad media consumption habits” is beyond ridiculous. Her last point in this piece demonstrates her own sloppy thinking. “The only ultimate threats to humanity are those we can’t fix later on. Nuclear annihilation. Environmental collapse. Dystopia where total information control and automated weaponry make revolution impossible.” The latter point is happening now, in real time. The mistake we can’t correct is unfolding before our eyes. If nobody mans the barricades now, we can all kiss our former version of civilization goodbye.

    1. Literally just typing the word “Australia” in the search bar of this site is all it would have taken to show you that that “deafening silence” on Covid authoritarianism in Australia is the product of your own imagination. Less sloppy thinking, more actual research.

      1. Point taken, first results page lists articles on September 8, 16, and 24. My counterpoint would be the 3 months that have passed since then, during which the international press picked up on things like Australia’s quarantine camps (“Hayley Hodgson” doesn’t register results in the search bar, for example, and I could find no mention of Howard Springs, though the link in the Sept 8 article mentions Mickleham being modeled on it.) Those 3 months have also seen countless countries roll out vaccine passports, which mortally threaten any notion of a free society as we know it.
        At any rate, labeling all the people yelling for focusing on the longstanding nuclear threat at the expense of the *happening right now* authoritarian takeover as “sloppy thinkers with bad media consumption habits” — hate to say it but that is indeed ridiculous. Definitely more research required on that one.
        As this site artfully points out, navigating the matrix of propaganda we face is a complex task…are the author’s own methods so beyond reproach that anyone pointing out a flaw or two just gets immediately thrown on the sloppy pile? But hey, maybe I missed some scathing critiques here these past two years against this turbocharged slide into authoritarianism we’ve been on, and “deafening silence” may have been a tad on the hyberbolic side (what can I say, I was still drinking this morning!)

        1. Yes you missed my Twitter feed in which I have written about Howard Springs and have been condemning mandates and various other Covid-related things. More to the point, though, it takes a lot of balls to be proven completely wrong and then keep monologuing at someone as though you weren’t. The correct thing to do would be to say “Ah yes I see I was wrong. Perhaps there are other things I’m wrong about too. I will take some time to re-evaluate my position.” And yes, people who’ve been telling those of us who warn of the danger of nuclear war that nuclear war is not a real risk and we should focus on Covid instead are indeed suffering from sloppy thinking and bad media consumption habits. I have no problem with people who choose to make that their area of focus, but yelling at potential allies for focusing on *THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IN THE WORLD* is plainly soup-brained.

  5. Republicofscotland Avatar

    I’m European and I’m absolutely livid with the EU for going along with the war against Russia, Europe should be embracing Russia another Europen country, not goading it into war, don’t the fools at the head of the EU realise that the coming war won’t be fought in some far off land but in Europe and with Four Star US general Tod Wolters the head of Nato forces wanting Romania and Bulgaria in a supporting rolls to Ukraine (staging posts to be exact) if hostilities break out, this US prompted war could begin to head West through Europe- I wish the EU bigwigs would bloody wake up and see the danger to us all, by pushing US interests in Eastern Europe, we are all in danger.

    The US doesn’t give a monkey’s about EU interests in Ukraine, the USA’s Under Secretary for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said on the USA funded and backed 2014 coup in Ukraine with regards to EU interests in the country, “F*ck the EU” yet the EU continues to support the USA’s belligerent goals in Eastern Europe.

    1. It begins to look a bit like the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988). The US convinced Saddam Hussein – who had come into power in 1968 following a series of CIA-backed (US) corporate-friendly Ba’athist coups – to attack Iran – after installing Khomeini into power in 1979 because the Shah had started to show signs of independence toward the US, even signing a massive ten year development agreement with France in 1974 including a $4 billion nuclear deal. The US armed Iraq – with Saudi financial help – while at the same time discreetly arming Iran with Israeli help, hoping for mutual destruction.
      Now would the US war hawks shed a lot of crocodile tears if their economic competitor the EU was severely damaged by Russian weapons and Russia in turn badly hurt by Nato strikes? Maybe not…
      Would it weaken Russia like the horse-mounted picador weakens the bull by jabbing a lance into his neck and shoulders before releasing him to the matador for the kill? Sure…
      Why the EU’s bigwigs go along with that is anyone’s guess: bribery, blackmail? We must never forget that, behind the propaganda bullshit, both the European Commission and Nato are US puppets and can be broken down into a hive of spies and lobbyists as well as all sorts of other unofficial power and money brokers (arms dealers, drug dealers, money launderers, terrorists etc…) who couldn’t give a flying fuck – that, at least, is for sure – about the European people :o)

      1. Except of course as cash cows…

  6. I’d like to thank China for all the nice toys they made for us. And for all the nice vaccines and communism. You guys are the best!

    1. I’ll link this here so it may get some notice.

      This is another reason COVID denial is dangerous. Here is an emergency room doctor who has been driven out of the profession by idiots who blame him for their relative’s death from COVID-19 because he would not treat the patient as they wished. He has been through medical school and has 30 years experience in medicine. The family members have a few months of reading denialists on the internet and listening to FoxNews trying to tell the doctor how to do his job. Were they really experts, they would have treated him at home.

      I believe this article is real, but the name was withheld, so it is not verifiable. I do believe the physician involved would rightfully be afraid for his life were he to reveal himself.

      “My career of treating patients has ended

      After more than three decades as a physician, the Q maniacs have succeeded in driving me out of providing care to patients. I, like many of my colleagues, am moving into medically adjacent work, where we can continue to apply our training and decades of knowledge without ever having to come in contact with sick people.

      I’ve been able to deal with the years of patients who attended Google Medical School, and the hours wasted explaining things such as why cinnamon cannot be used to treat diabetes, or that garlic and beetroot can’t treat HIV. And Lord save me from essential oils.

      COVID and Q finally proved to be the one of amateur “experts” which was too much for me. The horrific deaths are beyond what you might imagine. They emerge almost unrecognizable to their families. Since June, I have never seen a horrible case of someone who was vaccinated. I have seen people struggling to breathe through lungs that have hardened to near uselessness, begging us in their ignorance to give them the vaccine now. We can tell, almost without fail, which ones will die when they come through the door of the ICU, but we do everything in our power to keep them alive – BIPAP, ECMO, ventilator – knowing we are stretching out the inevitable. We use paralytics with ECMO and ventilators, then ease them off to see if they can function. And as the drugs wane, the look of terror emerges, the tears. We try to calm them, to swallow our desire to scream at them: This is your fault! This didn’t have to happen! Often, their spouse or their uncle or neighbour is nearby, dying along with them. And we work hard for those rare cases where we can pull them back from the edge.

      I could deal with all of that. What I can no longer handle is the screaming, not from the patients, but from the families. They are not screaming in anguish, or in recognition of how their foolishness has led them to this point. No, they are screaming at me. Because you see, I am part of the global conspiracy to commit genocide. If only I would give 10,000 mg of Vitamin C – even though the body can only absorb a maximum of 100 mg a day, with the rest creating the world’s most expensive urine – they would be saved. Or hydroxychloroquine. Or ivermectin. Those have never been studied, they assure me, and when I tell them they have been, they snap that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I want, oh god I want, to tell them that if we are the ones responsible for killing their loved ones, then why the hell have they brought them to the hospital? Why throw them into our clutches? I know the answer: They know it is all lies. But their egos are so huge they can’t bring themselves to admit it.

      My breaking point came three weeks ago. I dealt with a particularly horrible case. This was a husband and father, 38 years old. A wife, two daughters, one son. All of age to get vaccinated, none vaccinated. If you could have seen his face and the ravages left by both COVID and the time he spent prone on his stomach. An enormous clot kept reforming in his leg, and we had been forced to amputate his foot in hopes of keeping him alive. When he was awake, the look of terror in his eyes, the crying, the pain. It was nothing new. But the begging, over and over, “Don’t let me die.” And “Give me the vaccine.” All I could tell him is “We won’t let you” – although I never said we might not have any choice in the matter. And I told him, repeatedly, it was too late for the vaccine.

      He begged me to bring in his family. A nurse called them because they had never come to the hospital. They refused to wear masks, and so would not be admitted. The nurse told the wife that her husband was likely dying, and was begging to see them. All she cared about was masks. She would only come if she and her daughters didn’t have to wear any.

      The nurse came to me and told me the wife wanted to speak to me. I got on the phone and she ordered me to cure him with ivermectin and vitamin C & D. I explained to her, those do not work, they have been extensively studied and the amount of ivermectin needed to treat even mild COVID would kill a human being. Once again, I was told I was ignorant. I asked her to come down to the hospital, to bring her children, to at least wait outside. Somehow, she agreed.

      The nurses were all busy, and I took over the role they usually perform, comforting the dying. I sat beside the man’s bed. Through tears, he rasped out sounds I could vaguely understand as a question. I guessed at what he was asking and assured him that yes, his family was coming. He was so frightened, and I could tell he knew death was unavoidable. I’m not religious, but I knew he was, and I talked about the comfort of Jesus as I held his hand. About a minute later, he coded. We tried to save him, but there was nothing to be done. He died.

      Twenty minutes later, I heard from a nurse that the family was here, that they had made a ruckus down in the lobby demanding to be let upstairs without masks and had been thrown out of the hospital. I consulted with a few colleagues who agreed to cover me so that I could speak to them in the parking lot. I took the elevator down and asked security to point out the family that refused to wear masks. Fortunately, they had not left.

      I stepped outside, went to the wife, and identified myself. I told her that I was sorry, that we had done everything we could, but her husband had passed a few minutes earlier. I did not manage to get the words of the sentence fully out of my mouth when I felt the fist strike my face and heard the screamed words “You murderer!” I fell backwards, tripped, and plopped onto the pavement, the back off my head striking asphalt. I vaguely heard the words being screamed about ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and God knows what else. I heard “you could have saved him if you listened!” I tasted blood from the top of my lip. It took a moment to know it was seeping from my nose, which she had broken. My mask was getting wet, and thus useless. Security grabbed her. They were getting ready to call the police, but I knew if they did, I would become the next national target for the Q maniacs. I told them to just put her in her car. I wasn’t going to press charges. I went back to the hospital.

      I started looking for a new job the next day. I will never treat a patient again.

      Thank God.”

      1. Important point from above, if you do not want to digest the whole thing:

        ” I want, oh god I want, to tell them that if we are the ones responsible for killing their loved ones, then why the hell have they brought them to the hospital? Why throw them into our clutches? I know the answer: They know it is all lies. But their egos are so huge they can’t bring themselves to admit it.”

        1. Smart people get to be wrong, dumb people have to keep pretending they are right.

  7. If you claim to be against nuclear war and weapons, but not take a strong stand against the obvious links between the two, it invalidates your stand against just the one.

    The same system of global governance that brings us the insanity of all nuclear products is the same system that propagates our newest attempt at human subjugation. To fail to take a universal stand is exactly like saying “this race or class of people is better than this other one”.

    You are negating your often but not always wise commentary, and will make yourself irrelevant, as so wise people could then stop supporting you. I am now not entertaining the idea any longer of supporting you.

    Our issues are caused by world wide systems of governance that are a result of long standing family and religious agreements, complicit with banking and world governments of all shapes and styes.

    How can you justify taking strong stands against worldwide fascism, yet fail to take a stand against the policies that are implementing it’s newest system of controls? I find that pretty disappointing, and disgusting.

    1. sorry should way against nuclear war and weapons, and C19

      1. Don’t drink and write :o)

    2. Pretty annoying how often people claim I have not taken a stand against things I have clearly, unequivocally and repeatedly taken a stand against.

  8. You remind of Dylan’s Tombstone Blues:
    “The Commander-in-Chief answers him while chasing a fly
    Saying “Death to all those who whimper and cry”
    And dropping a barbell, he points to the sky
    Saying “The sun’s not yellow, it’s chicken”.”
    The truth is that propaganda has scared you shitless – which was the point – into being unable to see that this has been a power and money-grab scam from the get go.
    There are not less cases since vaccination has started but more, the most vaccinated areas are the ones with the most cases, the “less severe” bullshit is only that because how do you know that a vaccinated guy’s got “less severe” symptoms than he would have had if he had not been vaccinated while vaccinated people die too. And now we have the children, who are not at risk, of whom more have died so far from the vaccine than from the disease so that Big Pharma can make more money. Is there a limit to indecency?
    Now they’re trying to turn the last scariant, Omicron, into the mother of all Covids to try and convince the remaining hesitant to get the jab while the South African say it’s nothing more than a cold or a mild flu and more and more vaccinated people die or have adverse effects like especially myocarditis and pericarditis. Young people too, in good physical shape, sportsmen, athletes!
    All lies and jests,
    Still a man hears what he wants to hear
    And disregards the rest, la-la-lie.
    Anyway, you haven’t explained to me why we have to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated by vaccinating the unvaccinated with stuff that doesn’t protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated?
    Worse! It doesn’t even protect them against the vaccinated since, in Fauci’s very words, the vaccinated can still catch and transmit the virus, which is why they have to remain masked – although over 100 studies show that masks are useless, except of course for control freaks like Fauci to look at their flock, beat their chests and roar: “I achieved that!”.
    And why don’t we have mandatory vaccines for the flu while we’re at it? It kills people too!
    But I’ve noticed that propaganda suckers can’t be brought to reason. I think the TV is essentially responsible since it turns their brains into alpha waves which are used for suggestion and hypnosis like in cults. Covidianism is the latest deluded creed :o)

    1. Precison: this is of course not addressed to Caitlin but a reply to Ferd below. Merry Christmas to yall anyways :o)

      1. Merry Christmas!

        I pray you get what you deserve without affecting the rest of us!

      2. Do you dispute the facts as recorded on the sites for Puerto Rico and Iowa linked in my comment below?

        Or do you dispute the reasoning from the facts?

        Or do you simply (erroneously) believe that a vaccine that is not 100% effective is worthless?

        Or are you simply using your invalid arguments to rationalize opposition to social responsibility?

        Or worse, simply a troll?

        Do tell.

        I’m done with you except if there is a rational response.

          1. Well, I was corresponding with Pascal. But to your post, Johnny, you are saying that the COVID tests are unreliable, so the figures don’t mean much, am I right?

            Why, then, do so many more unvaccinated hospitalized and dead have COVID positive tests?

            That is, even if this article’s claims were true, it does not support arguments against COVID precautions, including masking, vaccination, improved ventilation, and distancing.

              1. False positives would be expected to be as common among those who are vaccinated as among those who are not. So, as in your previous link, this article does not refute the conclusion that the vaccines are effective.

                1. Effective against what?
                  The inventor of the PCR test (Kary Mullis) stated that it was ineffective above 25-30 cycles. Most countries are running between 30-40 cycles.
                  What are people dying of?
                  We’re not told.
                  We have never had such repetitive, mind numbing reporting of deaths. Not even during the Vietnam war.
                  They went very quiet on that in Iraq. Bad PR.
                  RNA vaccines remain experimental, at least until 2025.

                  1. You are repeating yourself. I should just let this go, but I’ll do one more.

                    PCR test is not as commonly used now. I got a test in November, it was a “molecular” test,” which is the test required for international travel these days.

                    Second, and more importantly, even if the PCR test gives more positives, there would seem to be no reason for more false positives for unvaccinated people than vaccinated. So, as I wrote before, even if the numbers were inflated, the percentage of vaxx v. unvaxx would be the same. Yet, the percentage of unvaccinated testing positive is much higher than vaccinated.

                    Third, I am sure you will find another way to try to rationalize you denial of reality. I hope your resistance to reason doesn’t kill someone else.

            1. This is a long but well researched piece with reputable links:
              Too long for you Ferd?
              I know sound bites are easier to digest.
              Give it a go.
              Your Life May depend on it:

          2. I see the continual moving of the goal post as we get further to the right of the available space, here.

            First, your insults are irrelevant and detract from any cogent argument you may have.

            Second, this article to which you link is strong on opinion and conclusionary language which I find does not logically follow from its factual assertions.

            Third, I am over 60 years of age and I was double vaxxed in February and March, and boosted a few weeks ago. I’m still OK. But that is not a population study of the vaccine, I’ll admit. My life may very well depend on decisions about receiving the vaccine and I choose to receive it as recommended. I choose to mask up in public. I read statistics that show that masking reduces the chance of contracting the disease by about 25%. That means 75% of people are still vulnerable to contracting COVID even if the majority of people they are amongst do use a mask.

            I read that, as linked above, Puerto Rico has about 50% as many COVID deaths as Iowa since the beginning of the pandemic, even though they have almost the same population. Puerto Rico has a vaccination rate of over 79%, Iowa has a rate of slightly over 50%. That appears to me to be evidence that the vaccines work to reduce death from COVID.

            Pascal has been all about how vaccines are not effective because even vaccinated people contract COVID and die of it. Well, no vaccine is 100% effective. Viral disease experts say that 1% of people vaccinated against polio are still susceptible to catching it. 3% of those vaccinated against measles are still susceptible to that disease. That does not mean that it is ineffective, only that it is not perfect.

            The original shingles vaccine is said to be about 50% effective. And like the COVID vaccines, those who have been vaccinated against shingles will have a less severe case of it if they do develop the disease. Yet, there has been no outcry against the shingles vaccine. No, it has not been suggested that it be mandatory. But the question of a vaccine mandate is much different than the question of effectiveness.

            Likewise, the COVID vaccines developed so far are not perfect.

            But you are arguing a different tack than Pascal. You are linking articles questioning the accuracy of the tests and some hodgepodge of assertions that mix arguments about mandates and effectiveness and dangers from unintended effects of the vaccine, itself.

            I’ll keep getting any boosters recommended by the CDC unless and until there is convincing evidence to show that they endanger my health.

            1. Speaking of insults:
              ‘to the right’
              Pot calling the kettle black Ferd.
              Weasel words we call them.
              Check this out:
              Refute at least 10 with links from independent sources and I’ll read your response with an open mind. Which, by the way, I let be my guide. As opposed to the MSM.
              After all, they lied about Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, South America and now Russia and China.
              Trust em?
              No way Jose.

              1. Not trusting the media, but trusting the reports and recommendations from public health agencies that do not appear to me to a propaganda agenda (YMMV). I am not in a position to test and monitor large numbers of people, so I do need to trust someone’s data.

                In my judgment, better masked and vaxxed than dead are words to live by.

                “Further to the right” referred to the screen space available in this comment section and is not a reference to political alignment.

                Nothing in what I wrote was a personal insult. But I do reject the article you linked as not on point and somewhat poorly reasoned.

                1. Poorly reasoned or disconcerting for converts?

                  1. Poorly reasoned, no question!

    2. In robot, out robot:
      “The Commander-in-Chief answers him while chasing a fly Saying “Death to all those who whimper and cry” And dropping a barbell, he points to the sky Saying “The sun’s not yellow, it’s chicken”.”
      Young people too, in good physical shape, sportsmen, athletes!
      Anyway, you haven’t explained to me why we have to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated by vaccinating the unvaccinated with stuff that doesn’t protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated?
      It doesn’t even protect them against the vaccinated since, in Fauci’s very words, the vaccinated can still catch and transmit the virus, which is why they have to remain masked – although over 100 studies show that masks are useless, except of course for control freaks like Fauci to look at their flock, beat their chests and roar: “I achieved that!”.
      But I’ve noticed that propaganda suckers can’t be brought to reason.
      Covidianism is the latest deluded creed :o)

      Pascal, I told you to stop stalking me. Don’t make me take this public.

      1. What do we really know about Covid at this point? That it’s a quirky disease, easily spread, which in most cases is relatively mild. But in certain cases–enough to be worrisome–the disease takes a turn for the worse and becomes incapacitating or fatal. We also know that vaccinations, masks, social distancing and such can be of use, to widely varying degrees, in either avoiding the disease, not spreading it, or making it more mild if contracted. We know further that Big Pharma has milked the disease for obscene profit in classic capitalist style, that Big Government has both underreacted and overreacted in its Covid policies, and that MSM has had a field day in scaring the hell out of its viewers. If that’s all we know at this point–and that’s certainly all that I know (as opposed to speculate on)–then why, I wonder, are we at each other’s throats? I suspect the answer to that question has little to do with Covid.

        1. Newton: We’ve been at each other’s throats since Cain and Abel, so there’s nothing new. It’s just the pretext that varies. And the pretext here is that we’re being gaslit by the overreaching lobbycracy that rules over us under the guise of democracy. As soon as you check a MSM fact, you get something like this:

        2. The science is clear. The covid vaccines work, so do masks and social distancing. Viruses don’t care if you hate libruls or not.

    3. “over 100 studies show that masks are useless”
      I don’t know what studies you’re referring to. Evidence is mounting that masks reduce the risks of both spreading and catching this virus. See, for example,
      An evidence review of face masks against COVID-19 (PNAS)
      Surgical masks reduce COVID-19 spread, large-scale study shows (Stanford)
      [I tried posting a longer reply, but failed twice for some reason. Apologies if this ends up as a double or triple post!]

  9. Credit to you, Caitlyn, and to uncle Vlad. UN-CLEAR WEAPONS, UN-CLEAR POWER, etcetera.
    THE UNTIED STATES is another good example. I knew all this 30 years and more ago.
    Blessings on you and yours.

    1. Glad you caught that. The untied states is the goal we all have to work towards. Right now the states are united, we need to untie them. The best way is to register in the primaries of the opposing party and vote for the best candidate. Then when the elections come around, vote for them again. The point is to turn the system upside down (untie the system).

      Eventually all fall into que hoss. The empire will implode from the indside. Feliz navid dad.

  10. Caitlin, the next nuclear holocaust brought on by the same evil empire that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki is truly the only world threat right now. But the threat that the link below warns us about is almost as bad:

    1. So immature. I was kind of skeptical when I first read the article, but when I got to this part it all clicked:

      “People often object to this position saying, “So you’re saying we should just let China/Russia invade China/Russia??”

      And the answer is “Yes. Of course should we. A fucking idiot what are you?”

      A fucking idiot you are

    1. Denial seems to be working very well on the anti-vaxx side as the unvaccinated continue to die in alarming numbers. But showing the data only elicits attacks on the source of the data.

      If it were not so dangerous to those of us who are vaccinated (dangerous because no vaccine is 100% effective and therefore some vaccinated people will contract the disease, anyway) I would say at this point just go ahead, don’t take the vaccine, and die prematurely. Your life, your choice.

      BUT, unvaccinated people insist on medical care to keep them alive. Unvaccinated people spread the disease at a much higher rate than the vaccinated. A larger pool of disease allows the virus to mutate and eventually evade the vaccine altogether, although that has not seemed to happen yet. Just as influenza continues to mutate and we get more or less dangerous strains circulating.

      I am tired of listening and reading to you people arguing about it. Just go die of a preventable disease, if you must.

      1. A fake christian leading the anti-vax movement in his tax-free church.

        Question: If God will save you from COVID-19, why do your followers go to medical doctors to cure them once they are dying? And why is God not going to protect you from illegal immigrants who want to rape and rob you and sell you drugs while you go to the grocery store – so you must open-carry your firearm? Here is a link to the story about the christians:

        1. Why people can’t get that we have to protect the vaccinated by vaccinating the unvaccinated with stuff that doesn’t protect the vaccinated against them is beyond me! :o)

          1. Pascal, it is easy, and your namesake would understand. The vaccines are not perfect. Maybe even far from it. Nonetheless, they protect so that fewer people who are vaccinated get the disease than those who are not. Fewer people who are vaccinated but contract the disease are hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms that those who are not vaccinated and contract the disease. Fewer people who are vaccinated and do require hospitalization require intensive care than those who are not vaccinated and are hospitalized. Fewer people who are vaccinated and do require intensive care go on to die with COVID-19 as the primary cause than those who are not vaccinated and are hospitalized.

            There is no 100% effective vaccine. But a highly effective vaccine with high vaccination rates does reduce the number of cases, reduces the hospitalizations, and reduces the number of deaths.

            I urge you to step outside of the black and white thinking to realize that the shades of grey offer effective COVID-19 harm reduction.

          2. Let’s compare two jurisdictions under the USA. 79.2% of Puerto Ricans 5 and older are fully vaccinated. Puerto Rico has experienced 3,284 COVID-19 deaths over the pandemic.

            The State of Iowa has a similar but slightly smaller population than Puerto Rico, but has a vaccination rate 58%. It has lost 6793 to COVID-19.

            2020 Census populations: Puerto Rico 3,285,874
            Iowa 3,190,369

            That makes a prima facie case that the vaccines work to save lives.

            Puerto Rico Data Source:

            Iowa Data Source:

            You remain unvaccinated at your peril and at the peril of your fellow Americans.

            1. Answer

              both of you


              1. That is no answer. Tell us rationally what you believe I got wrong, and why. With sources, if possible.

            2. They can’t accept the facts because it would involve admitting that the libruls are right.

  11. Caitlin, here is a video phycological study of how people are brainwashed into a narrative.

  12. Caitlin, i agree completely. I was in the doctors office today. I started getting ill and nauseous. I put my head down for a moment and immediately felt better. I had been casually watching CNN while I waited.

  13. Two quotes: MarkTwain: “It’s very difficult to make predictions, especially about the future”.
    Michel de Montaigne: “I’ve suffered a lot in my life of things that never happened”.
    Now the best projection we’ve got about the end of the world is in Saint John’s Book of Revelation. I think we should stick to that, go to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with a hammer, four nails and a poster saying: “Messing with nukes can be hazardous to your health. Besides, it will bring about lambs with eyes behind their heads and a beast associated with the number 666 that will frighten little children. You’ve been warned! PS: And everybody will die!” Nail the third item on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’s door with the help of the first and the second, take a deep breath, try to sell the henceforth useless hammer to a bystander and with the proceed of that sale, go and have a drink in a nearby café to think of something completely different – even something real like people dying or being paralyzed or otherwise debilitated by Covid shots. Billion dollar question: what are your chances of dying from a nuclear bomb as opposed to a Covid shot if you take one? Answer: the chances of dying from a Covid shot are infinitesimal – except of course for the people who die from a Covid shot for whom they represent 100%. Those of dying from a nuclear bomb are up for speculation at Betting Online dot com and you can even make some dough out of it if you provide a date, which Saint John, with all due respect, failed to do. Silver lining: the chances of dying simultaneously of a Covid shot and a nuclear bomb are like one in a billion. Therefore blessed are the dead from the Covid shots for they will never have to see the lambs with eyes behind their heads and the beast associated with the number 666 brought about by J.R. (Joseph Robinette) at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue trying to check if his failing memory due to old age can still remember the code :o)

  14. Nuclear war or biological pandemic, your choice. Either will meet their goal. Covid is simply a weaponized cold in my opinion. Its purpose is to psychologically prepare the populace for truly draconian measures once the true pandemic is released. Not a conspiracy theory, just a gut feeling. Hope I am wrong.

  15. Last minute Omicron Christmas shopping is in order. This thing is in your neighborhood already, spreading fast and “mostly harmless”…

    Three fairly close family members got diagnosed with COVID yesterday and the day before, one with fever, headache, exhaustion and hurting all over, the usual COVID symptoms. The other two have mild symptoms. One is vaccinated and one was treated for a positive test at hospital screening, without ever getting sick, so we were never completely sure if it was a real positive or a false positive.

    Delta-COVID remains in circulation, and most of the hospitalized patients in the US probably have it. Most hospitals will not know what type a patient has. It’s not routinely reported that way. I never got such a notification as a clinic doctor.

    When I look at Texas COVID statistics here: I see that the number of positive test results and percent positive are spiking up, while total tests done have been about steady since the end of October.
    Deaths are steady and low, and hospitalizations are down.
    That implies to me that Texans are not more worried, but that the new Omicron strain is spreading rapidly during the final Christmas rush.

    We are reconsidering the big family Christmas Eve party. Is it OK to go if you just brought medicines to the infected?
    There is a spread of attitudes among family members, as there probably is in your family. Some are aghast that anybody “exposed” should go out at all for 10 days after exposure. A test is not useful for 72 hours after known exposure, because it is likely to be falsely negative. After 72 hours from exposure, viral loads in the nose should be high enough to detect if infection has occurred.
    That puts anybody who tended to the sick yesterday out of circulation for Christmas and Christmas Eve.

    I don’t mean to whine. People have plans and feelings. We are more aware of what is going on, the range of views, and the intricacies of disease progression and spread. You are likely facing a similar spread scenario, even if people are not aware of that yet.

    Delta is still out there infecting people. Some people will get sicker from any variant. People with minimal symptoms will attend parties, and are shopping and socializing every day. Omicron does make people variously ill. Being miserable, but not needing oxygen, is still being miserable.

    In September, while Delta-COVID was rising rapidly, I posted OTC COVID Rxs, Azelastin To Zinc That was not so long ago. The information is about the same.
    We have learned that those who have had their gallbladders out might need to double the doses of vitamin-D listed, since fat and fat-soluble vitamins are more poorly absorbed. Take vitamin-D, especially big booster doses with some fatty food like avocado or cheese, please.
    We’ve learned the benefit of a baby aspirin, 81 mg per day, as prophylaxis, is substantial, and that it should continue through the course of illness.

    The brief shopping list should include: Vitamin-D 5000 unit pills , baby aspirin 81 mg, or regular 325 mg aspirin, if you only plan to treat yourself when ill, zinc 50 mg pills, quercetin (any form, with or without bromelain) to help the zinc get into the infected cells, and lecithin (granules or capsules) to help the quercetin be absorbed in the stomach. The lecithin is likely to help absorption of vitamin-D, also, but I don’t know that for certain.
    You might also want to get an antihistamine, like cetirizine. You might want to get some Pepcid (famotidine). You might want to get some vitamin-C.
    You might also want to get some ivermectin at your local feed store, if you don’t keep it around for man and beast, already.
    Here we go with the revised Omicron Christmas last minute rush update:

    All of this advice except for ivermectin applies to pregnant women. That is a group with a lot of questions.
    Ivermectin remains controversial. It is widely used in pregnancy in Africa for parasitic diseases, and disparaged in the west.
    I remain deeply disturbed at how expectant-mothers are being treated with experimental gene therapies by the medical machine these days

    1. You get tested for covid and you are not sure if it is truly positive or a false positive. Then why bother getting tested. Also how are we to even trust any results you cite when you are not sure. Your logic is scrambled and you are jumping at shadows.

      1. Above all don’t forget that we have to protect the protected from the unprotected by vaccinating the unprotected with stuff that doesn’t protect the protected against them. Why? For a scientifically undeniable reason: each and every unvaccinated represents twenty bucks missing in Big Pharma’s kitty and a deficit of control by the power freaks.

        1. Why are Russia, China and Cuba making vaccines to make big pharma rich? What’s in it for them?

          1. Answered him above with a request that he clarify where his problem was with the conclusion that vaccines are working. Is it with the data reported by the states? Is it with the the reasoning from the facts?
            Is it simply disbelief that a vaccine that is not 100% effective is valuable? (Polio vaccine was 99% effective. Therefore 1% of fully vaccinated people could get polio. Measles vaccine is 97% effective. Therefore 3% of vaccinated people could contract the measles. Does Pascal believe that makes those vaccines worthless?)

            Of course, there is no reply yet while Pascal continues to spam the comments with illogical critiques of the proven effective anti-COVID measures.

            Pascal is simply spewing false claims in order to rationalize antisocial oppositional behaviour, or to be a troll.

            Or worse, simply a troll?

  16. Caitlin from Canada you are so right on the money with every word and sentence.Very few reasonable people I talk to have any idea of what’s really going on and absorb the USA narratives on Russia and China.If Russia and China were not the economic and military powers today I truly believe the USA would drop nuclear bombs on them as they did on Japan.Thanks again for what you do and happy moving day

  17. “Hey remember when everyone pretended to believe Jeremy Corbyn was a closet Nazi just to keep the left from gaining a foothold in the UK? […] and now they’re all gone.”

    Compare that to the recent UN vote condemning Nazism, with the US voting against it.

  18. In relation to all, a must-read article from The Grayzone: Public health or private wealth? How digital vaccine passports pave way for unprecedented surveillance capitalism:
    In further relation to that article:

  19. “The only ultimate threats to humanity are those we can’t fix later on. Nuclear annihilation. Environmental collapse. Dystopia where total information control and automated weaponry make revolution impossible.” The problem is that the third ultimate threat, the rendering impossible of revolution, is already a fiat accompli. “The People’s” response to the pandemic, bitterly dividing over it instead of uniting in the demand that government see them through it, was the final straw that broke the back of any possible political uprising. Thus we must focus on the other two ultimate threats, working within the confines of the complete control, for the foreseeable future, of the PTB. Our only chance is to somehow convince our overlords not to kill themselves (and us along with them), which while difficult, may be doable in light of the survival instinct. Caitlin and those like her should be figuring out ways to talk to them, the drivers, not so much to us who get it but are merely along for the ride. This is a MUCH tougher nut to crack, of course, than blogging or tweeting or videoing to the choir.

  20. I have never understood how these Neo-Con Artists think. They are a different breed from self-described Paleo-Cons, like Pat Buchanan an old Cold Warier who had the sense to always pursue detente with the Soviet Union even as we were constantly slandering and competing against them. Reagan constantly shot his mouth off against the Russkies until he had the chance to end the Cold War by collaborating with Gorbachev. Then he jumped at the chance. Everybody thought that transition was an irrevocable turning point in world history. Then came a line-up of neo-con assholes filling the American presidency, including the Clintons, Bushbaby, Obomber, the Don, and now Loco Joe who all wanted to rekindle the Cold War, and who all certainly waged burgeoning forever wars across the globe.
    Remember their campaign promises? Every one of them ran as a world class lying son of a bitch. A warhawk in a dove’s clothing. And, it’s like the American public never notices, never catches on and never stops reliably voting for one party or the other that no longer even hide their cheating, their complete sell-out to the ruling oligarchy, their manipulation of the voting process, their bait and switch promises and other campaign treachery from the voters. That they can so easily continually get their criminal asses into office probably means that we really shouldn’t be very surprised that Americans seem incapable of spotting all the cognitive dissonance so thoroughly interwoven into their accepted world view, i.e., the entire false narrative relentlessly spoon fed to them by the media tools of the crypto-ruling class. Like Alice, we are endlessly malleable and adaptable people willing to seriously entertain dozens of impossible realities before breakfast. Fool me once? Join the parade. Fool me twice? You’ll probably keep fooling me till I doze off from the alcohol.
    So, yeah, Americans would be cool with invading Russia and/or China. I mean it’s a simple matter of how any reasonable person would answer question like:
    Who lives in Ukraine? a) Americans b) Ukrainians c) Russians d) Russians and Ukrainians
    Where is Ukraine situated? a) Right on America’s borders b) Right on Russia’s borders c) Somewhere in between d) Who cares, irrelevant if freedom is at stake
    Assuming Russia is zero miles away from Ukraine and the US is several thousands of miles away from Ukraine, whose national security is greatest at risk from a hostile colonised Ukraine a) Ukraine b) Maybe Russia c) Obviously the USA
    Does realising that Ukraine was part of Russia much longer than ever existing as a sovereign nation, not to mention the millions of ethnic Russians living in Ukraine, offer a reasonable explanation of why Russia may have some interest in who lives there and what happens there, e.g., America building military bases upon Ukrainian soil with nuclear missiles pointed at Moscow and other Russian cities? a) No (all just Russian paranoia) b) No (all just Russian aggression) c) No (Putin is the new Hitler) d) Yes (but Russia had better know its place v the USA)
    According to the news which country is making repeated threats of war against Ukraine and NATO? a) Russia b) Russia c) Russia d) Iran e) China f) All of the above
    If America engages Russia in a nuclear war, how will this affect your life, do you think?
    a) Probably more job openings b) Should help the economy c) Should last about 15 minutes and then we win d) Add Russia to the list of totalitarian states America has vanquished (USA, USA, USA!)
    See any parallels in America’s current conflict with China over Taiwan?
    a) Nah, next question! b) Yeah, the Chinks are bad people who need to be taught a lesson c) Yeah, they stole our jobs. d) Yeah, the Chinese infected us with the covid, the Don says so! e) Yes, Taiwan is inhabited by Chinese, not Americans f) Yes, Taiwan (formerly Formosa) was part of China for over a thousand years g) Yes, Taiwan is an island right off China’s coast, the USA is several thousand miles away h) E through G may all be true but
    but as the world’s only superpower all prerogatives belong to the American state.

  21. Hey Caitlin, I am almost always on side with you but to argue, the which you sort of do, that the possible destiny of the human race to achieve Love and Freedom, should be just cast aside, in favour of one dictator after another, like the aristocracy of old, needs careful explanation, Please.

    1. A society that achieves “Love and Freedom” is yet to emerge. Essentially, humankind has been under ONE sociopolitical order since we left the hunter-gatherer tribe and, arguably, the early agrarian village; i.e., the rule of the rich and powerful. But while an ethical and egalitarian society awaits birth into the real world, it lives in stunningly concrete detail in the imagination of–of all things–a late Victorian American novelist:

  22. Hey, since we’re all Nazis (not neo-Nazis either, actual, full-blown Nazis) now, at least we get some of the coolest uniforms ever! Did you know that Hugo Boss did the dress uniforms for the SS and high ranking officers of the Third Reich? Hey, BTW Nazis suck therefore we all suck now, unfortunately. But the cool uniforms guys!

  23. The arguments against western narratives targeting China & Russia (or any other ‘enemy’) should be logic based to counter the irrational and emotional beliefs, IMHO. Directing people to other alternate narratives enables them to resist persuasion, dig their heels in and usually just strengthens their beliefs. I think that undermining their beliefs is a better approach, simply because most of the time their beliefs don’t stand up to scrutiny.
    For example, the question – what right does a country(s) that demonstrably commits war crimes (US & Its allies) have to attack another country that does the same? It isn’t attacking us, so why should we attack it? There is no direct threat to us.
    Any counter-argument that attempts to justify or excuse the war crimes must fail on the simple fact that it has been proven that it did commit the atrocities. Truth. Even if it hadn’t committed the atrocities, there is still no rational justification for attacking.
    Also, misinformation, claims, reports and other media tools are used to distort & manipulate perceptions to create the desired effect. Much of this misinformation is provided by military and intelligence services that have a vested interest in conflicts. These methods are well known (remember Iraq & the weapons of mass destruction fabrication?) and have been used for centuries to manipulate public opinion.
    So, don’t blindly and naively trust what you hear in the mainstream media. Think for yourself. Think it through rationally. Notice your prejudices, fear, emotions, biases – and then re-consider.

  24. Caitlin, I’m living in China where I came a decade ago to research the remarkable photo essay Tom Hutchins (1921-2007) did on China in 1956, and I now have the copyright of his work. Thus I can let you use some of his photographs that show the people, and some leaders of China in the 1950s as real people, not monsters, going about their busy lives building a new nation. You can check out his photos on the Internet, and from my less well organised web site where some of my photographs are. I don’t want payment from you for modest use as long as you credit them properly and (ideally) don’t draw all over them.
    I’m delighted that you have found a nice new place to live. Just let me know if and when you might like to include a photo or two in your insanely insightful blogs. Warm regards, John

    1. Caitlin is emotionally correct and sometimes expresses things very clearly BUT most of her followers don’t understand one very important things she is clear and correct about. This is ALL about competing political systems. The USA will have to take on China or negotiate its own demise. China knows this and is developing alliances. The US battering ram begins with declaring that it is the standard bearer of ‘human rights’. It is nonsense but has an echo among both its indigenous population and those who feel ‘oppressed’ in places like Hong Kong. The aim is to divide and rule.

  25. ‘People have literally told me that world powers are repositioning their military arsenals as a “distraction” from the Covid issue.’
    I should find this incredible, but unfortunately I’ve encountered it too. I wonder if they’d think an actual nuclear war was just to cover up the Truth about covid.

  26. Great chit. “Keep scribbling “

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